Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We As Human

So I went to an awesome concert the other day, and one of my favorite bands was playing:

Skillet was the main band playing, but I'm not real excited about Skillet... Disciple was there too, which was freaking amazing, I love them!! 
I'd like to briefly point out to everyone that Skillet is incredibly overrated.  They put on an impressive show, but their lyrics can't compare to many many bands that are far less popular.  While Skillet's music is good, their lyrics seem almost hollow.. Disciple and We As Human left Skillet in the dust, it was almost funny.  For some reason, when a band gets really popular and massively huge like that, it's reeeally hard for me to take them seriously.  Probably because they seem to take themselves too seriously...

Me and the friend I went with had standing room only, which was fine because we were able to eventually work our way closer to the front and stand in the aisle.  Probably half the time we were standing in the verrrrrrry back, practically sitting on the We As Human merch booth.. Which was also perfectly fine, because when they finally came out, we were pretty much the only ones back there  :D  It was pretty much awesome.  They signed my arm.  (and my WAH shirt, and the new EP, and a poster......lol)  While we were standing there, some guy walks up and asked my friend for his autograph.. so funny, must be the blue hair  ;)
They were the first ones that played, and I really wish they had played longer!  They did play one of my very favorite songs though, Dead Man.  It was insane!

I demand that anyone reading this immediately stops reading and go check out We As Human.  Because they're awesome-    http://www.weashuman.com


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