Thursday, November 3, 2011


Today I played touch football with a few friends.  It was awesome.  My team won, 30 something to 3!  I scored a couple touchdowns, but also learned an important lesson:  INTERCEPTING THE BALL WITH YOUR FACE  =  BAD.  To be honest, it was rather painful.
One of the guys did the same thing a little later, he's got a very swollen face with a somewhat purple hue.... You'd think after seeing my embarrassing little encounter with the football, everyone would have tried a bit more to avoid getting smacked in the head too ;)
It rained all night and this morning, so the ground was really muddy and covered with wet, slippery leaves.  It was excellent.

Loving the weather lately, here it's been a little overcast and cloudy.  Rainy on and off, and getting cold.  I'll of course be wishing for sunshine again soon though  ;)  I'm going to finish my tea and go clean my room now.


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