Monday, December 26, 2011

Homework fail.

The other day me and Flash were working on our homework.  I got bored around the same time he did, and started goofing off.  I took my pen and started drawing on him, and then he took his and began "sword fighting" with me using the pens to protect himself from the graffiti...
Shortly after that I rolled up my math booklet in the other hand and started whacking him with it.  He did the same, and our intense battle made it's way around the house.  About half-way through the fight, he suddenly  stopped mid-swing and was like, "hey you know what this reminds me of?"
And I'm like, "Yes!! That scene in one of the Bourne movies where he starts beating the crap out of that guy with a magazine!"
And then we're back to the battle.
k.  So then at some point, I leap onto the kitchen table to avoid being slain, and proceed to beat him mercilessly with my homework while pinning his arm back with one foot and trying to kick him with the other.
We managed not to break anything, which is a rarity.This is why it takes so freaking long to finish homework around here... haha.

I am now having a Star Wars movie marathon.  Watching every single one in order.. because I can.  The last of the newer ones is almost over, then on with the old ones!!


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