Saturday, December 17, 2011

Old women shouldn't buy clothes for kids....

So I was in Walmart yesterday... That would be the place to go when you need a good laugh. 
I was wandering aimlessly, as one only can in Walmart, and wound up in the guy's clothing section looking at the t-shirts next to an old lady.  haha.  She had a couple laid out across her shopping cart and was holding up another and trying to decipher the curly "I'm a rockstar... um honest" type writing and design.  Judging by her selections she was clearly not shopping for herself.  She glanced at me and asked if I could tell her what the shirt said, it was like 'destruction' or something.  She was like, "Ooh I don't think I like that......" and put it back. 
I glanced at the other shirts on her shopping cart, and after a moment I asked her how old he was. 
She told me her grandson was in 6th grade.  I started laughing inside.  Well, laughing more..  I picked up one of the shirts she had picked out and I asked her if she knew what it meant.  This shirt had a row of stupid looking donkeys with a label under each one like, 'smart', 'wise', 'lazy', 'dumb', etc etc.  You may have seen it. 
She hesitated and clearly had no idea.  I slowly explained that the silly little donkeys were, well, rather rude...  XD
She wasn't getting it. 
So I spelled it out for her.  "This one is implying smart ass... this one is implying dumb ass..." etc.  I've never seen anyone stuff something back on a shelf so quickly.
A few minutes later she came over and held up an obnoxious t-shirt with a big ugly wolf face plastered on the front. 
"What does this one mean??"
"Ummm I'm pretty sure it's just a big wolf face..."

My toes got second degree frost bite a couple days ago- weird!!  They were completely white, they felt like little rocks on my feet.... And yes, I do still have all my toes.  Thanks for asking.


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