Saturday, March 31, 2012

[when a college gets down on it's knees and begs you]

Well.  If you knew me, then you would probably be aware of the fact that I avoid large groups of people.  (like the plague)   Mainly if it's a bunch of people I don't know.  I shut up and space out, and generally look and feel like an idiot.  When I'm with people I know-- ok actually, sort of-- I'm totally normal.  (don't quote me on that)
Yesterday I went to a "young writer's conference" at the local college.  College campus + buses from high schools = people.  Lots of them.  And as I've already established, people equal fear.. kidding. ish.  I think many people would agree with me though- obnoxious high school students running on energy drinks and testosterone are not exactly un-intimidating.  Seemed to be an interesting group though, and quite a few of them did some amazing writing.  
It's a fun event, but the whole time the professors are talking about how awesome it is and practically beg you to attend their school.  Listing off accomplishments and success stories, which is fine because I know that's typical- (but it was humorous because behind me I could hear a student talking who attends the college and sorta got there without knowing what she was getting into.. She's a very talented artist/writer and has published a couple books.  But she's trying to get transferred and hates it there and all this.. so it was just kinda funny to hear her talking like that at the same time the president and professors are swearing up and down that this college is so great and it's "just what you're looking for"... heheh.) 

During lunch break with a friend of mine, this random girl from on of the high schools came over to our table at the back of the cafeteria.  She said, "I just wanted to say you're really pretty and I envy you"....... I find this extremely random.  But so sweet, and of course it makes me feel pretty good :)  It kinda made me wonder though, how many times do I pass up a chance to make someone's day?  A lot of times I just avoid talking to people when I'm in a big group of strangers- but wouldn't it be better to just be nice?  My thoughts :)  

For the last half of the "conference" (that sounds so snooty..) there were speakers and such, and the best one was very interesting.. I would have liked to listen to him talk some more.  He won the Pulitzer Prize last year with this article he wrote on the Chicago shootings of April 2008- cool guy.

The downside this year:  one of the classes was really lame, and my bestestest friend couldn't go with me.. and that displeased me, but it was cool.  Over-all, it was great :) 



Monday, March 19, 2012

Good luck Saints!

It's that time of year again, time for basketball tournaments!

 chilln' with my best friend James!  (ignore my disturbing face)  

I gave James this sharpie tattoo last year for Nationals.  he's number 13 for the Saints basketball team (hence the angel wings).  
I have to admit my artwork even then is a bit embarrassing, but I like the design anyway.  and we didn't have time for one this year  :/  ah well..

The Saints are going to dominate at nationals! 


Vacation: airports suck and graffiti art

I just got back from vacation with my family- it was great, swimming and tanning and reading and sleeping and eating and art shows and music. 
Downside:  too hot for my bumblebee stockings that everyone hates so much.  Upside:  I got a tan!  We did some cool stuff, and I've got a couple pictures to prove it...
waiting in the airport.  I wonder if all those people on the smart phones (the very name should scare us..) realize that I can see all their funny device names on my laptop?  "kitty-girl88"  "CrazyNinja"  etc

I also find it interesting that nearly every female between the tween age and middle aged, in the general airport vicinity, were dressed as though they were going to a party or some special occasion rather than a smelly airport.  When I travel, I wear the most comfortable, simple clothes I own.  and that usually means sweat pants or jeans and a t-shirt.  So I couldn't help but wonder- airplanes are incredibly uncomfortable as it is, especially if you're crowded between people you've never met, (unless you count the awkward exchange when you first get on the plane and bang their knees and face with your bag because you were too cheap to check any luggage) so why make it even more uncomfortable by getting all dressed up in a complicated outfit?  my thoughts.  ;)

my arm bracers and bracelets.  unfortunately, there is enough metal on my arms that I had to take most of them off to get through the metal detectors.  and my studded belt- my pants wanted to fall off!  what a pain.  and I've added a few more bracelets since then..
p.s. I've had these lovely things on my arms for almost two years now!  oh yeah!  which of course means that my arms are reeeeally white underneath  XD

 biking :)  I love doing this, we ride all around the island and then get ice cream at our favorite spot.
(and yes, my brother is still wearing his coat.  even though we are not in winter anymore, we are in florida)

we went to Whole Foods, LOVE THAT PLACE.  we ate lunch there and stuffed ourselves full of scrummy "organic" food (which was awesome, because they have everything marked as whether or not it's vegetarian, vegan, or normal.  makes things easier;)  Then we wandered the isles and drooled.

 so happy to have yummy food.  
(really not sure why my face is so washed out, guess the lighting was weird)

me and Flash found this really long wall (literally on the other side of the tracks...) that was completely graffiti-ed!  it was beautiful, so we took some pictures tried to look cool- but it didn't work so we settled for looking like idiots  ;D 

ain't he cute!  i find this one somewhat ironic, as my dear brother is blindingly white. ^
 probably from wearing hoodies and jeans all summer. haha.

 i love this painting


 going home!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

February (in March).. Because I was too lazy to post

Sometimes I remember to take pictures of things..

didn't snow much this year, but I did go ice skating on this small pond... and here I'm building a sea monster coming out of the ice.  Yeah, I know it doesn't look like a sea monster ;)

This is my brother's cat, Bob.  (when he was born we thought he was a girl and named him Belle.. we soon realized that name was not fitting, and simply changed it to Bob.  now you know why he has a lame name)

 Bob is sitting in the (empty) heated electric water dish.  Apparently his toes were cold ;) 


 Football with some friends and cousins-
 we're just messing around.  but I'm pretty sure our field was far too long..

^ you can see my younger cousin dying on the ground over there

........this is the point where we're tired of running around tackling each other.  So, I've decided to hop two inches into the air and throw my hands up knowing the football is waaaay too high for anyone to catch, and Flash has opted for an obnoxious head-butt directed at M.  This picture was taken at a rather awkward moment.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gopher Tortoises and ice cubes.

Earlier this evening when my little sister came inside from playing, she asked for a cup of water.  Of course I gave her one.  And then she asked for an ice cube.  Every now and then I can't help letting the sarcastic side of my personality break through the "kid-proof" abbey that my mother insists on when I'm around Pipsqueak-  I was like, "no you can't have any ice."  She was surprised, and started to question, but I cut her off.  "we don't own any ice..."  She started to get a bit distressed and gave me a weird look.  "WE DON"T BELIEVE IN ICE!!"  I cried.  and she started to sniffle, and then I felt bad for teasing her and told her I was just messing around and gave her some ice cubes.

I just got home from vacation, and while biking one day I saw this interesting road sign:

It's not exactly one I'm used to seeing where I live.  And one time when I was in Hawaii, I saw a road sign warning drivers to beware of falling cows.  (it was on a particularly steep part of a mountain road)  I thought that was pretty awesome.

...later tonight I'm posting a re-cap of the last couple months (including some vacation) since I've been too busy to keep up with my store blog, which means I'm too busy to keep up with a personal blog that no one reads  ;)