Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gopher Tortoises and ice cubes.

Earlier this evening when my little sister came inside from playing, she asked for a cup of water.  Of course I gave her one.  And then she asked for an ice cube.  Every now and then I can't help letting the sarcastic side of my personality break through the "kid-proof" abbey that my mother insists on when I'm around Pipsqueak-  I was like, "no you can't have any ice."  She was surprised, and started to question, but I cut her off.  "we don't own any ice..."  She started to get a bit distressed and gave me a weird look.  "WE DON"T BELIEVE IN ICE!!"  I cried.  and she started to sniffle, and then I felt bad for teasing her and told her I was just messing around and gave her some ice cubes.

I just got home from vacation, and while biking one day I saw this interesting road sign:

It's not exactly one I'm used to seeing where I live.  And one time when I was in Hawaii, I saw a road sign warning drivers to beware of falling cows.  (it was on a particularly steep part of a mountain road)  I thought that was pretty awesome.

...later tonight I'm posting a re-cap of the last couple months (including some vacation) since I've been too busy to keep up with my store blog, which means I'm too busy to keep up with a personal blog that no one reads  ;)



Anonymous said...

You sure no one reads this?

darth-abbey said...

hum. Well, anonymous, the stats are rather sporadic.. but I'm glad you're here :)

Anonymous said...

Oh you know me better than you think :) and my name isn't anonymous but you will have to guess cause I'm not telling ;)

darth-abbey said...

two guesses, David or James?
(but judging by your style I think I know) ;P