Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Switchfoot concert

[ flashback.. part 2 ]

I typed all this nonsense up about a month ago, and never had a chance to post it.. now I do :)


On our way to the concert venue I saw this guy that looked freakishly familiar.  I gave him the weirdest look of the century trying to figure out how the heck I knew him..  By the time I was standing right in front of him I realized why he was so familiar.  Yea, it was Jon Foreman. The lead singer of my dear dear Switchfoot.   ;P  I was like, “Heeeeyyyy..!” and he was sorta on the phone, so he was like- “heyy creepy kid who’s giving me weird looks.  I suppose your brilliant mind is figuring out right about now that I’m Mr Foreman, lead singer of a insanely wonderful band.  Yepp.”   Nahh, he said hi.
I’ll have you know that was not the highlight of the evening, so just prepare yourself for much awesomeness.  (humor me)

"Happiness is like peeing in your pants.. everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth."  -Jon Foreman of Switchfoot

After waiting in line in the alley, we presented our tickets to the ticket dude and proceeded to the hand stamping dude.  “Both hands on the table” He says, with blue chicken stamp at the ready.  To be honest I’m feeling somewhat on the defensive because I’m not used to the feeling of being herded and marked, but I place my hands on the table and with a grin I say nothing and just wait for it.  After a moment, “..Uhmm, yeah, you’ll need to move some of that.  I gotta stamp your hands…” he says.  heheh.  I secretly enjoy it when my bracelets are a bit of a nuisance :}

We were really close to the stage, it was awesome.  Rocket Summer opened, and they were alright.  I found it rather humorous that the lead singer was fixing his hair the whole time :)  He rode the crowd though, and I think Eva helped out with that. 
James-  “all the guys are trying really hard not to touch his butt right now”.  (I laugh and silently notice that many of the girls are trying really hard to touch his butt).

And then of course the real party began when Switchfoot finally came out-  that place was crazy, what a fun concert.  The venue is small enough that we were able to get really close, it was great.  They played a great mix of songs, and after hearing some of it live, the new album is growing on me.  Ok so I love it.  like all the others before it.  AGH!

whoop!  mom took all these pictures from the balcony and a couple from the floor.. she's awesome-

tim foreman, bass.  jerome fontamilas, keys.  chad butler, drums.  drew shirley, lead guitar.  jon foreman, lead vocals etc... now you know. 

After the show we did what every good stalker would- wait outside the bus hoping the band would come out.  And it was worth the awkwardness because a couple of them did come out and talk to everybody and take pictures and all that, and there was a decent size crowd too.

drew shirley, lead guitarist.  me, evajo.

jerome fontamilas, keys.

This guy said he could see me during the whole concert, that my hands were in the air most of the time.  I know this to be a bit of an over-statement (just a bit), but I wasn’t about to argue with the man.  My arms are kinda hard to miss.  And yes I know that sentence was a little bit odd.

We also caught the after-show.  Yep, we’re awesome.  And you’re jealous.  Admit it.
Foreman on the acoustic with no microphones or amps, only a handful of people, in the quiet park with a big random metal statue of random metal animals…. Yeah, you’re jealous.

 that would be my friend James right behind Foreman.

sam, me, jon foreman, eva.. kindly ignore the fact that I look like a creep. 


Monday, May 28, 2012

[ For you ]

This is one of those awkward posts where most of you people don't know what's going on..

yup.. pretty much.  And with me, you have to put up with a lot of crazy.

Speaking of random things no one "gets", someone brought me a yum cold smoothie last week while I was working- and sweaty and smelly and hot... who could it be?  
that friend of mine who's currently gone temporarily somewhere quite far from here.  Notice I stressed the temporarily bit?  heh.  miss ya.  come back soon :]


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Miniature road-trip of awesomeness.

[ flashback.. part one ]

So, miniature road-trip with my favorite bunch of maniacs?.. I think yes.  It was awesome.  Me, my friends James, Evajo, and Sam, Flash and my parents made the two hour drive to the city I grew up in (in our big, huge, ugly, and oh-so-wonderful 12 passenger van).  Why?  Well I’m glad you asked.  SWITCHFOOT was playing a concert in that great little city.  We go there so often it still feels like home, so making the trek last month for one of the greatest bands around was a no brain-er ;)

 me and james :D

..sam is examining my suspenders. 

say cheese <3

 ...he's trying to braid eva's hair.  We got a little bored in the car ;} 

..here's sam's attempt at my hair.  there are so many short layers, and then all the dreadlocks and beads didn't leave much for him to work with...  I found it amusing that he even tried XD

Us brave teenagers wandered the streets of the downtown area while we waited for the concert to begin.  We hit some favorites-  Leo’s;  undoubtedly still has many of the same clothes and etc as it did when it opened in the 40’s.  It’s just a little door on a side street with no store front.  You walk up REALLY loud creaky painted yellow sparkly stairs, past sharpie graffiti and hippie wall hangings, into the store (and the home of a couple cats and surviving flower children) known to the world as Leo’s.  There’s stuff everywhere.  Hanging from the ceiling, stuffed in trunks and book shelves, packed onto clothing racks and scattered across tables and a couch and here and there.  It’s really not a huge place, but it’s packed tight.  One time I took a friend up there and she wanted to leave pretty shortly after.. and very possibly puke.  She was worried about getting fleas.  It’s a legitimate concern..  ;)  That place is awesome, they loved it.

being cool at Maude V.

We also went to the store where I sell some of my Crash Landing stuff-  Maude V.  It’s just as cool as Leo’s to be perfectly honest, though not quite as sanitarily questionable.  There’s a random staircase in one of the dressing rooms, it seriously doesn’t go anywhere- just into the wall lined with mirrors.  OH YES.
After examining every nook and corner of the store you have to go to the extremely low ceiling-ed basement and explore all the crazy stuff they have for rent.  Like for use as costumes and such.  I think there’s more in the basement than in the actual store.  I borrowed a pair of combat boots from them for the fashion show last summer. 

 At a yummy hippie-run restaurant.  Sub Shop. yum.



Monday, May 14, 2012

I killed a smurf for this.



Weddings. and Teen Titans.

 ..because I couldn't think of a clever-er post title.  You're welcome.

“A wedding!  I love weddings-- drinks all around!!”  - Captain Jack.

Yesterday I went to a wedding for a friend of mine.   It was a very nice wedding, and after-party (I can call it that, right?) was pretty fun.  I helped make the bridesmaids dresses and helped alter the store-bought wedding dress, so that’s partially why I’ve been so busy.  Actually that’s a lot of why I’ve been so busy...  

Along with needing to hem it a bit, the dress was too big up top.  So after much debate we ripped open the back of the dress and removed part of the zipper.  That was my job :) heheh.  Needless to say, Bethany was a bit nervous about me coming anywhere close to her dress with a seam ripper. 

Where the zipper had been, the fabric was folded back in an upside down triangle to make way for my favorite way of closing dresses…. A lace-up!  Yay for Bethany for being brave!  :D
She attached plastic rings under the opening and made a bias ribbon (the one in the picture is not the one she used) to thread across the opening.  It’s long enough to trail along behind her, but it would also work for her to just tuck it out of sight into the dress. 
I was there when she tried everything on at once for the first time, the way she had her hair done up like it was for the wedding.  She always looks lovely, but she was just so pretty in all that wedding stuff.  It was cool, and I’m so happy I got to help out with the dresses.

I spent a lot of time with these people while working on this project, here’s what Flash and my wonderful friend Sam made me for lunch one day.  YUM.  (^ explaining what exactly they did to make it so awesome.) They are great cooks. 

We were still working on one of the dresses less than a week before the wedding (not cutting it close at all, huh?) so I camped out on their futon.  Only actually got a couple hours of sleep though because me and Sam stayed up until 5 or 6am.  Mostly watching old Teen Titans episodes.

So the wedding was yesterday, and I don’t have many pics yet because it makes me feel awkward sticking cameras in people’s faces constantly.. but my dear friends took lots of pictures of the reception, and if they would now just be very dear and send them to me, then I could put them on my blog..*      

(this is some of us after the wedding, right before decorating the happy couple's getaway car ;)  stickers and a bunch of Mountain Dew cans to drag behind the car...  Evajo, Afton, James, Ty, me)

coolest cake ever.  Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock.  :]  not particularly fond of the Big Bang Theory, but I have to admit this is a genius work of art.

annnnd this would be me, working on the wedding present and the card in a friend's car.. on the way there.

Lots of fun, got to show off some swing dancing skills (pronounced sk-eeels), as in, 3 back flips (among other things) thankyouverymuch.  Nailed it.**      

 Kinda hard to dance with vertically challenged friends though-

(the Chucky-Ts die hard)

 (me and Pipsqueak)

 (the ever-popular slow dance, with James.. no swing pics)

And I got to wear a new dress that I made for myself, which will be on the Crash Landing blog soon.  ("and there was much rejoicing..(yaay"))  And of course, got to hang out with my friends <3
(James, Sam, me. xo)


** this is the fine print.  I really didn’t have to do much, the guy does all the work.  But if you still want to think I’m a ninja, you go for it.


P.S.   a note to any aspiring DJs:  don’t play crappy music until the very end of the party, it throws everyone off.  If at all convenient, don’t even bother playing crappy music.. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy late birthday- to meee!

Been awhile.  But I have excellent reasons for it..  Last week was insane, I was seriously not in my house more than a few minutes and to sleep a couple times.  More on that later. 
My birthday was in April, I’m eighteen now!  Woohoo!  (I think..)

Pipsqueak’s birthday is the day after mine, she was born ten minutes after midnight :) mom went into labor during my birthday party that year.  So we usually have some kind of joined birthday party thing with family and stuff, so that was fun. 

 My yummy coconut cream birthday pie.  Oh yes.

restrain laughter.

 Oh yeah, we're party animals.  You know we're serious when we break out the party hats and kazoo thingys.  This is Flash and my cousin Mitchel.

Love you Mitch.  Don't kill me for putting this picture on the internet.

Big stuff happening this year-  my grandparents plan to take me to Europe this fall, which is completely INSANE.  I’m so excited, I can’t wait to find out which countries we’re going to so I can start studying!!! 

And if that wasn’t awesome enough, I’m really REALLY hoping to go to New Zealand for a couple months this winter.  Some extremely wonderful and very dear friends of mine live there and I haven’t seen them for about six years now.  (and no, they aren’t Hobbits)..

or dinosaurs for that matter... I did this when we were all a lot younger.  why?  Really not sure.
Love you guys :)