Monday, May 14, 2012

Weddings. and Teen Titans.

 ..because I couldn't think of a clever-er post title.  You're welcome.

“A wedding!  I love weddings-- drinks all around!!”  - Captain Jack.

Yesterday I went to a wedding for a friend of mine.   It was a very nice wedding, and after-party (I can call it that, right?) was pretty fun.  I helped make the bridesmaids dresses and helped alter the store-bought wedding dress, so that’s partially why I’ve been so busy.  Actually that’s a lot of why I’ve been so busy...  

Along with needing to hem it a bit, the dress was too big up top.  So after much debate we ripped open the back of the dress and removed part of the zipper.  That was my job :) heheh.  Needless to say, Bethany was a bit nervous about me coming anywhere close to her dress with a seam ripper. 

Where the zipper had been, the fabric was folded back in an upside down triangle to make way for my favorite way of closing dresses…. A lace-up!  Yay for Bethany for being brave!  :D
She attached plastic rings under the opening and made a bias ribbon (the one in the picture is not the one she used) to thread across the opening.  It’s long enough to trail along behind her, but it would also work for her to just tuck it out of sight into the dress. 
I was there when she tried everything on at once for the first time, the way she had her hair done up like it was for the wedding.  She always looks lovely, but she was just so pretty in all that wedding stuff.  It was cool, and I’m so happy I got to help out with the dresses.

I spent a lot of time with these people while working on this project, here’s what Flash and my wonderful friend Sam made me for lunch one day.  YUM.  (^ explaining what exactly they did to make it so awesome.) They are great cooks. 

We were still working on one of the dresses less than a week before the wedding (not cutting it close at all, huh?) so I camped out on their futon.  Only actually got a couple hours of sleep though because me and Sam stayed up until 5 or 6am.  Mostly watching old Teen Titans episodes.

So the wedding was yesterday, and I don’t have many pics yet because it makes me feel awkward sticking cameras in people’s faces constantly.. but my dear friends took lots of pictures of the reception, and if they would now just be very dear and send them to me, then I could put them on my blog..*      

(this is some of us after the wedding, right before decorating the happy couple's getaway car ;)  stickers and a bunch of Mountain Dew cans to drag behind the car...  Evajo, Afton, James, Ty, me)

coolest cake ever.  Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock.  :]  not particularly fond of the Big Bang Theory, but I have to admit this is a genius work of art.

annnnd this would be me, working on the wedding present and the card in a friend's car.. on the way there.

Lots of fun, got to show off some swing dancing skills (pronounced sk-eeels), as in, 3 back flips (among other things) thankyouverymuch.  Nailed it.**      

 Kinda hard to dance with vertically challenged friends though-

(the Chucky-Ts die hard)

 (me and Pipsqueak)

 (the ever-popular slow dance, with James.. no swing pics)

And I got to wear a new dress that I made for myself, which will be on the Crash Landing blog soon.  ("and there was much rejoicing..(yaay"))  And of course, got to hang out with my friends <3
(James, Sam, me. xo)


** this is the fine print.  I really didn’t have to do much, the guy does all the work.  But if you still want to think I’m a ninja, you go for it.


P.S.   a note to any aspiring DJs:  don’t play crappy music until the very end of the party, it throws everyone off.  If at all convenient, don’t even bother playing crappy music.. 

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