Monday, June 4, 2012

My new car...

'08 Mustang GT, charcoal.  Oh yeeahh.    ("kool-aide man" voice implied..)

..Just kidding.  It's my cousin's.  perks of a 'Stang without paying the insurance for one ;)



Leisa said...

That’s a sweet ride! Your cousin’s so lucky! There’re definitely some perks to having a cousin with a great car. One of which is cruising around in a new car without the worries of repairs or maintenance to your name. :D

Leisa Dreps

Maria Wegner said...

Crusin’ around and not ever having to worry about the maintenance of the car is a great load off your back. :D Had the same arrangement with my older sister before she moved out of the house.

- Maria

darth-abbey said...

Heheh... yep! Junk VW models are more my style, but who would pass-up a Mustang??! ;)

Ellsworth said...

Yes, nobody could, or would ever, pass on a Mustang, especially if you can ride it without having to pay for it. Haha! Although having one for yourself would be equally fun, not to mention fulfilling.

Ellsworth Mciltrot