Saturday, July 28, 2012

My work will be the death of me.

Well I haven't done much with this lately..
Suppose there hasn't been anything blog worthy to write about, but apparently that's the point of a blog.. writing about things that really aren't blog worthy... ;)

Or maybe it's because any creative tendencies have been firmly installed elsewhere for the last....
*pauses to mentally calculate and count on fingers while making strange facial expressions*
..... month? of my life.

For three weeks I've been working on a couple bridesmaids dresses that have to be done this week.  Let me just say this:  what my employer requested is a yellow, short, double layer polyester/synthetic mix with crazy stretch chiffon stuff with funny ruffles, in a wrap dress style.  The fabrics stretch in every direction, unlike most, which makes pinning/cutting/piecing/sewing/do it all over again really difficult.  I'm distressed to say the least, and for what it's worth, anyone who has never been a seamstress will never ever EVER understand what goes into this stuff.. how much time and energy and brain power, not to mention forced creativity when all you're going on is instant coffee that makes you gag..
Even though making clothes is really not my first choice of a "job", I love doing this sort of thing because of the problem solving involved.  I like seeing something being created from less than square one, I like to see the thing coming together in my head, and I like to be the one doing the creating.. but every now and then, there's too many problems that require solving.. heh.  This one has been one big synthetic headache learning experience.  My attitude really isn't this bad, honest.  Just ranting :} 
The thing is, it's getting more learning experience-er all the time.  One of the bridesmaids is expecting a little bundle of joy pretty darn soon, and to be perfectly honest, looks as though she could pop any second.  Well, she grew (imagine that.. my bad, didn't allow enough growing room.. 'course there wasn't much fabric to work with anyway.. ah!), so I need to make a new bodice. ok.  But the problem is, I've just got a bag of scraps to work with.  there's not enough fabric!  (oh bloody hell..)  So now I have to get really creative and figure this mess out.  It'll be ok though.  I just need extra hugs, and coffee.  That's all ;)

hum. how many different ways can you kill yourself with yellow polyester?  jk.
my guess: it doesn't take much. 

staying at my friend Sam's house to work.  his family is so awesome.  this is his little brother.. 
the younger siblings typically either help me keep my sanity, or help me lose it  ;)

trying one on.. hum.  it's a bonding experience.. I'm very close to my work.

This has been "Ranting with Abbey".  We hope you've enjoyed the show, and remember to tune in next week for the episode where Abbey lays off the coffee- and sleeps for a month.

oh that would be cool..