Sunday, August 26, 2012

Frankenstein, The Silver Surfer, and {surprise} parties.

Welllll.. It's not very often that two of your very best friends move away on the same freaking day.. they're not even in the same family.  I gotta say, it sucks  :(
The week before they left was insane; surprise birthday party, going away party, more going away party..

You know the surprise party is a success when :    (everyone,) "SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!" and then your amazing friend turns to you, punches you in the arm and shouts "I hate you" and then gives you a huge hug...  :)

love you Eva!!

what's the female equivalent of "bromance"??

So, we know this guy who owns a crazy awesome ice cream place, which is where we had the surprise party.  He was out of town, but he let a select few run the place in his absence..

 dude, that's Frankenstein.
(every time I walk by Franky I seriously think for about .2 seconds that it's actually a person standing there.. just long enough for my eyes to get noticeably wider and for my heart to crawl up my throat a little.. seriously the awesomest place ever)
me and a couple other girls took evajo out to a fancy dinner for her birthday, and then "thought we'd just mosey on over to IceScream for dessert.."  ;)  that's why we're the only ones wearing dresses..

  life-sized Silver Surfer... 
seriously, what Ice Cream place has a massive Silver Surfer hanging from the ceiling??

everyone drawing in the memory book i made for Eva...

 We have a swing dance club in the basement once a week, and James or Sam usually wind up getting the ice cream for everyone, so they're old pros by now anyway  ;) 
The "Sith" is my favorite, it's triple chocolate..yumm.

Over-all, I think it was a successful surprise birthday/going away party.




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