Wednesday, October 24, 2012

College: "not bad for a punk freshman.."

{ i wrote this last night.. be proud of me for writing blog posts two days in a }

My first (AND LAST) semester at college is coming to an end sometime in the middle of November.. I'm practically counting down the days. 
Much as I've enjoyed my first real college experience, I'm very ready to be done for now, perhaps I'll come back in a couple years. 

This was an experiment.. The conclusion:  college is not where I need to be right now!!

Some good stuff though- I wrote my midterm paper for art history on the presence of dragons in ancient art.  That was exciting. ...because I started writing it the day before it was due.  I only turned it in eight hours late (yay for 3am) and still managed to get a 93%.... pardon me while I enjoy a brief moment of success.  They are few x)  
I'm beginning to wonder if I will make it to the end of this course with a good grade.. I love the class, but it's pretty time consuming.  And by the time I sit down to take the tests and write the essays, I'm stressed and irritable = therefore my answers become increasingly sarcastic and smart-ass. 
Extremely excellent course though, fascinating- I love it.

My other art class is really easy, but it's also pretty time consuming.  I've recently finished a "self portrait".. It's really hard for me to draw myself, it's just really awkward to keep staring at a photograph of myself and try to draw it perfectly... I can't take myself that seriously xD  So I made the portrait kinda creepy and zombie-ish..

I wanted to make some flesh falling off with exposed muscle tissue, and maybe some blood around my mouth (that would have been really cool in red next to the charcoal..), but I didn't want my instructor to freak (too much).

I edited the lighting a bit with photoshop.. really creeps it up, huh?  ;D

This is another drawing I finished recently.. It's a really tricky view of a stairway and landing in a coffee shop called "The lab" in the library at the school.  (The coffee cup on the wall is actually painted there, just fyi)..

Its not a very good photo, but anyway.
This was really tricky, it took a lot of measuring and re-measuring, turning my brain inside out and all that good stuff.  It also involved some visual lying.  Done in charcoal and Ebony pencil.  The corner down there near the bottom left is the lower level of the building.

I always told myself I'd never go to this school.. never much liked it.  To be perfectly honest, I gave in for the simple reason that I've always liked their art building.. especially one art room in particular, it's in the deep dark depths of the creepy basement.  It swallows you up and you can disappear for hours and no one knows where you are.  I like to just sit down there after hours by myself and work, it's kinda cool.  The basement makes weird noises.  This room used to be an indoor swimming pool, so it's huge and it's got great acoustics ;) 

Part of me thought I would enjoy "college life", new friends and all that xD  but to be perfectly, brutally honest, the only person I actually enjoy being around is the kid that sits next to me in the art class.  I don't think he actually knows any real words.. He cusses me out on a regular basis, but never out of spite xD  he's freakin hilarious.  Every other word is something your grandma would kill you for saying.  I don't even understand what he's trying to say half the time.  His swear words don't work together x)
Keeps things interesting.

Anyway, random bits of stuff that I didn't have tome to write... more interesting things on the way!  (humor my delusional


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