Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I'm sitting here in my sports bra while the blue hair dye soaks in while watching The Avengers.  I used three different shades of blue this time.. aren't you so glad you know that? 

That last post was boring school stuff.. this one shall be about awesome stuff.  meheheh.
A couple weeks ago we had a camp out here at the lake with some friends.  Highlights.. highlights are a good way to review the excellence of the weekend -
Epic airsoft battles:  trekking miles through the woods just to gain the advantage, only to pass each other on the way to our rendezvous of death.  Being sneaky and stealthy and otherwise awesome.  I distribute the best kill-shot ever.. right on the ass at point blank range in a game called "Assassinate The President".
A brutal game of softball with baseball rules:  Ty snaps a ligament in his ankle playing this one and had to hobble around like an old woman (*cough* gimpy ;P ) .. but still managed to muster enough strength to play another game of airsoft before the weekend was over.  Alex hits me in the back of the head with the softball (i was blacking out!! He tried to KILL me!!  Revenge had NOTHING to do with it I'm suuuure.. that kill shot from the airsoft game didn't play into his momentary lack of control at alllllll), and while playing third I got pounded in the shin by a "soft"ball on its way to a home run.  That didn't feel good. 
Me and Ty sat there watching what was left of the game from our pathetic position on the sidelines.  I didn't contribute much to the game to begin with.. I played for years growing up, but I was always the kid they stuck behind the plate with a catcher's mitt and used as a target for their missiles of death.  I'll also note that I was the only girl on my team for a couple years.  Lets not even discuss the batting portion of my softball experience.
Ty, however, killed the other team with his ridiculous home runs and such.. which happened to be MY team.
Later exchanged notes on our comparative levels of suffering and the many shades of purple a bruise can turn.  Ty just got off crutches, I think his foot is still a very nice color blue, and my leg is still pretty swollen.  All these battle wounds... "we should get a purple heart for saving everyone form those crazy rabid mooses that came in the spaceship to kill everyone."

The weekend after that was a concert...!  Oh joy and rainbows and giggling bunnies.  I love concerts.  This particular concert was FREE, tell me ladies and gentlemen, what is better than an over-priced-painfully-taxing-on-us-poor-teenagers concert?  a FREE concert.  yup.  Ode to Ashes Remain and The Museum for being oh-so merciful on our empty wallets, and also for stooping to perform their excellence in a middle school gym..............

click the pic.

Picked up a couple friends and partied at my house until the concert.  More highlights for your enjoyment:
Joy rides.  Joy rides are my favorite. 
"Oh look- I know those guys!"  (stops car)  commence the hugs and invitations back to the house for more partying... or something like a guitar duel and something resembling a sing-off. 
Later that night I painted Ty's fingernails black (upon request..), and he painted mine.  Our plan was to be creepy for the concert the next day, we didn't have to try very hard.. and I think we achieved our goal.  I also put eyeliner on Ty's eyes.. that's a new experience x)  *high five*
Teaching Ty how to drive the 4-wheeler... AHHHHHH.  that is all x) 
No really, it was awesome.  When your eyes are watering and there's nothing you can do about it you know you're going fast enough.
Taking quizes that tell you how "white" you are.. 36% baby, oh yeah!  *more high fives*
Cramming too many people into my car.. good thing you guys are skinny.
Putting eyeliner on Ty while we waited in the car for the concert to begin.  So funny.
The concert of course!!!  Face-melting guitar solos.  Head banging!  Good stuff!!
....and people do weird things at concerts. why?  That is ALL I have to say about that.
Paying Ty $2 to touch Ashes Remains drummer's beard... "um, may I touch your beard?"
Discussing the finer points of dreadlocks with the guitarist.
Grabbing some food at the diner 30 minutes before closing time. 
Saying "bite me" one too many times to Tyler..
That was unexpected.  And hilarious.
Playing in the park at 11pm.  oh yes.
Loud music on the way home.. can't this get any louder??
Watching HOT ROD in the crappy and cute camper parked out front.  Because we're just cool like that.
and I'm sure I'm forgetting something.... hard to keep track of so much fun-ness. heh.

"little Zach" (the equivalent of an idiot little brother. I hate him and love him), my good friend Ty, and me..
The older Zach, Sam, and Mitch didn't wanna be cute and take pictures.  losers ;P


 love yah boys ;)

That's all for now.  I gotta go wash the dye outta my hair, put on a shirt, and do homework.



Anonymous said...

Thx for your post, I really enjoy your blog. Long time lurker, first time commenter, you know the drill. I tried to share this one time before, I don’t think it posted correctly…hopefully it will this time!

darth-abbey said...

Cool! Thanks for reading :D feel free to comment ;)