Friday, December 21, 2012

Only The Young

My two year old brother is a real piece of work.  Since the day he was born, he’s had a thing for music.  Jambo is an emotional child; if a tune or melody is too emotionally charged, he cries.  Like seriously.  But it’s not just that.. He knows what he likes.  And if he doesn’t like what’s playing, he makes it obvious.
He’s really picky about music.


DownHere starts playing. 
Jambo:  “NO!”
Aprox 15 seconds into every song-
Jambo:  “Don’t like sshong!”   (song)

Personally, I love DownHere.. we tried to listen to several of their songs, working backward from newest to oldest-  but Jambo refused to enjoy it. 

Switchfoot starts playing.
Jambo:  “NO!  Don’t like sshong!”   (song) 

He really didn’t give them a fair chance.


I skipped Flyleaf.  Too emotional for my sensitive brother ;)  Interesting fact:  For the first year of his life, Jambo cried at every song I sang him to sleep with… except for Stay, by Flyleaf. This is a cover of U2.  He loves that song, almost as much as I do.  But I’ve always thought of it as a very emotional song, soo…?

U2 starts playing.
And you can hear the unmistakable voice of The Edge’s guitar, and Bono breathing heavily through the speakers.
Jambo:  “NO!  Don’t like sshong!”   (song)

Ahem.  Explain to me how that makes sense.  The child can’t handle emotion, therefore cannot handle Flyleaf; nor will he listen to U2, which is more politically opinionated rather than emotional…. But one of his favorite songs is a U2 song covered by Flyleaf??  WHAT?

We’ll give the 80’s a bit more of a shot.

Foreigner starts playing.
“Here I come, ready or not.. Here I come, ready to ggoooo—ooo……”
Jambo:  “No.., don’t like sshong..”

At least he wasn’t quite so against Foreigner.. But it still pains me that the kid won’t listen to Lou.

And then.

 Journey starts playing.
“Onlllyyyy the younnnng can sayyyyyy, they’re free to ffllllllllllyyy aawwwwwaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy… Shharinggggg the saaaaaammeeeeeee desiiiiiiiires, burninnnng like wildd ffiiiiiiiii-iii--rrrreeeeeeeeeeee…”


Oh dear Lord.  Journey?  Yes, yes.. Steve Perry is brilliant, though hard to look at.. I love Journey as much as everyone else...  But Journey?  Over U2??  And FOREIGNER?  Over Switchfoot?  Over FLYLEAF? 


As a side note-  my other brother, Zach, can sing the Bohemian Rhapsody as well as Freddy Mercury any day.  I’m freaking dead serious, he kills it.

Stay young-


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