Wednesday, January 23, 2013


 It's cold. It's dark. It's really bloody cold.

Why do I enjoy being fat and wearing sweats all winter?  My brain knows quite well that when summer comes, I'll regret being fat and wearing sweats all winter. 
Being cold, tired, uninspired, and mostly cold, seem like pretty good reasons to sit around and be a blob... for a day.  Not for a whole season.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??  I just want to cuddle up in a bunch of blankets and baggy clothes and drink tea and eat toast.  I'll letcha know how that works out.

I've noticed that when I've got one important thing right where it needs to be, everything else is easier.. likewise, it's pretty obvious when I'm a wreck.  A mental case. A nut job. Psycho.
I shall now continue to elaborate with further ado.

The hardest challenges of my day: 
2. feeling motivated
3. going to bed

(in all honestly this should be on the list too:  4. being nice.. and while I'm at it I might as well add:   5. talking.. but this is the fine print, you didn't see this. Carry on.)

Amidst all this slobby lazy ridiculous bumish-ness, the small part of my brain that's still trying to think realistically is saying:  "oh hey, you're really gonna wish you had done something about this when it gets warm and you wanna wear something other than hoodies and sweat pants.. Go run three miles. now. Oh, and stop eating that sugar.  And bread. some sit-ups wouldn't hurtya either. k-- go now.  Okay, now. now. now. annnnny day now. now. okay, tomorrow."

The larger part of my brain is saying:  damn its cold.
And more helpful things like, "pshh you can do all that any time. It only takes a month to drop 10, you got time to be fat.  Oh it's just a few chocolate chips.  Yeah, it's just a loaf of bread.  Hmmm..look at that list of stuff you need to do..woww there's no way you're gonna get all that done, why don't you just sit there and do nothing?  Or possibly pace back and forth like an idiot trying to figure out what to do first?  Maybe you could sit down at the sewing machine, pick up that paint brush, the math book, a freaking broom, anything for a sec and then get overwhelmed and go back to being pathetic.  Put on some more socks and get another cuppa joe.  Sounds good? Great! I thought so too..."

Obviously my natural instinct is to hibernate.
But I know it will be worth it to put some effort into being productive.. it usually is. So I am; because summer is also worth the effort, and it's getting closerrrr ;)



Herrin Girl said...
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Herrin Girl said...

hey girlie. so apparently, we both have blogs.

darth-abbey said...

:D No way!! How did you find mine?

Herrin Girl said...

funny story, actually. i was cleaning my room and found your crash landing card that eva gave me ages ago. so i thought i would pop on and see what you are making. and then i found the lnk to this blog. and i must say, i quite like it.

darth-abbey said...

haha!! That's awesome! I'm glad you found it, and like it :] I quite enjoy your blog too!

Herrin Girl said...

well, thank you dear.