Sunday, January 13, 2013

Smurf Murder

I shall now speak quite randomly of Smurf murder and blue hair.. 
any connection between the two is quite possibly possible and may be kept to yourself if, 
by chance, you happen notice any such coincidence....

This is me. and my recently re-dyed blue hair. It makes me happy having blue hair.


I've been told it smells like the blueberry chick from "Strawberry Shortcake"? Honestly not sure what that means. I'm thinking those little dolls that stink like yummy stuff.


When you use hair dye you're supposed to put petroleum jell on your skin so it won't stain, but I don't care that much, and I got tired of ruining all the white undershirts I jacked from my brother. So if you ever wonder why my arms and shoulders are blue and slightly purple, that's why.
P.S. see my purty dreadlocks?? That one with the massive metal bead is cool. it has a dragon on it :]


  post-dying.. it's still a mess ;P

I'm wanting to try red/orange/yellow this year.. I think it would be interesting if the ends of my hair looked like they were on fire. funfun..

love, abbey

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Anonymous said...

A bit shifty if you ask me ;) but beautiful as always.