Crash Landing

Crash Landing is an alternative and eclectic clothing line that I started a few years ago... It began with messenger bags and gradually became an entire collection of clothing, bags, and various accessories.
Everything in my online store is designed and handmade by me, using materials and fabrics that are often considered junk.  I find things in thrift stores, garage sales, vintage shops, and free boxes, and some things are given to me, I often cut up old clothes as well.  Some of the clothes are made using vintage patterns with my own twists, but most of it is made without any patterns or just "re-make" existing clothes, add things, take things away, combine pieces, etc.  
If you crave a little something different or unexpected, against the grain you could say, have a look at my store:

Here's some samples of the designs-


[ the mad hatter dress]

[ the ex-military dress ]

[ the bird of paradise dress ]


[ the eva dress ]

[ the dead flower dress ]


[ the zombie apocalypse skirt ]

[ the wendy skirt ]


[ the lost boy blazer ]


[ messenger bags and field bags ]

[ the ever-popular zombie apocalypse bag ]


[ arm bracers and bracelets ]

[ earrings ]

[ rings ]

[ hair things ]

These are just a few of my favorites- lots more variety and pictures, step-by-step diary posts of works in progress, details, and more on the website!  Thanks for looking  :D