Sunday, August 25, 2013

Broken Pentagrams.. { and wisdom teeth }

I had all four wisdom teeth pulled a couple days ago. Now you realize why I'm writing blog posts two days in a row.... *magical isn't it?*
First of all:   I'm not feelin so hot. go ahead and take that statement both ways, as one usually affects the other. I'll mention that I did shave today, therefore I feel more like a person and less like a wounded monkey.. my hair could stand to be washed though.. Details, all about the're welcome.
I'll confess though, all discomfort and unpleasantness aside, it's kinda nice to just lay here and read books and get some stuff done on the computer.

After whining, I'd now like to share something else with you. More interesting (in my opinion) than wisdom teeth and shaving.. Couple things --

1).  one of my other jobs.. Cleaning a tattoo studio, and giving henna tattoos at said studio.
2).  Pentagrams. we're gonna talk about pentagrams.
3).  annnnnnnnd profanity. (suppress your excitement)


So! As previously stated, I work at a tattoo studio twice a week. Worked out a deal with the owner, he lets me give henna tattoos there- annnd pays me to clean.
He wanted to teach me how to do real needle tattoos, and apprentice me type thing. Let me just say, I would love that. But it takes waaaaaaay more time and commitment than I have right now..anyways.

When I started working here I knew what I was in for. I was stepping outside of my normal, but in a way I knew I would be comfortable around those people...despite their inability to swear correctly ;}
Sometimes there are so many F-bombs flying through the air, I honestly can't understand what they're trying to say to me..
"f*** it was f******, I mean f***.. Ya know what I mean? F****** crazy stuff man."
Me: -____-  uh, no. actually I'm NOT sure what you mean..

{ a couple of my favorites: }

Gordon on the phone- "..the money talks, the bullshit walks. Fu**ing, we're busy people.."

Gordon- "can you tattoo my leg?"
Me- "Can you shave it?"
"You're making your customers shave their own shit?"
"Gordon I'm not shaving your leg."

There's this guy that hangs around the studio. I've just taken to calling him 'the ogre' because of how the owner, Gordon, referred to him one day..and I have a hard time remembering his name.. The Ogre keeps showing up and doing my cleaning job, and then expects to get payed for it, which means I don't get payed..heh..
I asked Gordon about it one day and he said, "yeah he's just a big ogre. Just tell him to f*** off and let you do your job."
me:   -___-  Gordon, he's a lot bigger than me.."   but he took care of it :]

Anyway, this ogre fellow was hanging around last week while I was mopping. He asked me quite randomly if I would henna tattoo a pentagram on his hand. The man is covered in tattoos, and a rather ugly pentagram adorns the opposite hand already.
I gave him a somewhat wishy-washy negative. "wahht, you got a problem with satan?? You know we're not churchy in here, kid."
me:  "I'm not exactly 'churchy' either, but I'm not into satan."
He laughs at me, at the simple situation, at god. Yes, he seemed to mock as he left the room. But worse, the feeling of regret that I had not said more. I felt like an idiot. Would it have been possible for me to say something stupider? maybe.

Then I had a thought.. I texted a friend of mine, one who always seems ooze the light and joy of salvation in christ. We happen to share a favorite band- Oh, Sleeper. One of their album covers features a broken pentagram. At first offensive and confusing, until you understand what they are trying to say by it. In the album titled song, Son Of The Morning, these words clear up any misunderstanding-
"If you could see like me you'd see you haven't won anything... If you could see like me you'd see, it's by my grace that you're breathing..."
"My angels will sing to a world reborn as I cut off your horns. I'll cut off your horns.."

My pal, Chance. He has the symbol tattooed on his arm. 
Because this is meaningful to him, I thought he would be a good person to talk to about it.. I was right :)  
He gave me some good advice- "It's time to buck up and share the gospel, my friend."

Broken Pentagram.. 

Normal pentagrams have the other two tips of a 5 pointed star. Turning the star upside down like this has become the commonly accepted satanic symbol of a goat type figure (the bottom tip being the snout, the two side points being the ears, the two top points being the horns).
Originally, this was a christian symbol. But like many christian symbols, it was perverted and turned into something other than what it was intended to be.
Oh, Sleeper has brought meaning back to the pentagram in a way that symbolizes christ's dominance over evil. I love this..

When I had finished cleaning I crashed on the couch and waited for henna customers. None.
I thought about what Chance had said, and I thought about the broken pentagram, and I thought about my own weakness in sharing faith, hope, and love.
The Ogre came over and sat next to me. He started a conversation, and I took my second chance. 
"hey man, I had a thought.."

I then explained why I was uncomfortable with the pentagram, and offered to tattoo a broken one instead. And explained what it meant, and what it meant to me.
To my surprise, he listened to me. He let me talk and didn't cut me off with jokes about god or my faith, like I thought he would.

This man, he's not a bad guy. He's just grown up rough.. he hasn't had the comfortable life I've had- one with time to figure things out, and no real attack on any effort to find truth.
Something I've been thinking about for a long time.. Is there a better way to share "the gospel" with those that are hardened to it? Surely there must be a better approach than throwing the usual at them..they've probably heard it a thousand times. I'm not saying the typical approach is bad, or that it should be thrown out.. I'm only trying to say that if we really want to reach the people who are hurting the most, we should care enough about them to find ways to talk to them in ways they can relate to. Something they are familiar with, something they don't have to be afraid of. Paul was pretty good at that.
I was given a crazy opportunity.. It really couldn't have been set up much better.

This may sound silly. But I think this was the first time I had ever really shared my faith with a stranger.
Laugh if you must, it may sound like nothing. But for me, it was super cool. I'm still pretty stoked.
This goes back to my post several months ago-  "My brain has so many problems, but mostly I have a bad heart.".  Sometimes I mature quickly in matters of faith, but the times that are harder to see- the times when I'm stagnant and don't know or don't care what direction I'm going are more important for me to talk about... Because like I've said before, that's when the real healing and changing happens in me. 

So maybe all this shows you is that I mature slowly in matters of faith sometimes, and that I'm weak sometimes. But I hope it also shows that when I am brave enough to talk about the state of my faith and what I believe in-  my faith matures, I become stronger, and what I believe in becomes more real.

"Proclaim Christ".


Saturday, August 24, 2013

A day at Blue Heron Orchard & garden..

This is one of my jobs. 
Working at an organic orchard and a large garden owned by hardcore throwback hippies.

The day these pictures were taken was hot, long, and full.  The other worker, Austin is pictured below harvesting squash. He hates harvesting squash. 
Everything about the squash plants is sharp and poky.. Every stem, leaf, stalk, vine, flower, and fruit is covered in splinters. When you reach into the plant your entire arm is swallowed by mammoth leaves covered in spiny prickles. By the time I locate the squash, clip the stem, and pull my arm away, I'm covered in tiny scratches and pricks.We don't wear gloves while harvesting..this has caused pain more than once --

Once, I found myself in the middle of a poison ivy patch while weeding. And of course my idiot reasoning was "oh hey..poison ivy. I'm pretty allergic to that stuff.. buttt pshh it'll be fine, I haven't gotten it in a while and if I do, it won't be bad at all. Hardly noticeable I'm sure.." so me, being stubborn and silly, continued to grab the stems of poison with one hand, and clip with the other. IDIOT. a couple days later I found horrible poison ivy boils between my fingers, a rash where my shirt meets my pants, and a rash across my breasts- where a stalk of poison brushed into my v-neck. stupid pervert plant.


In this picture we have a very small portion of the squash, part of the extensive basil rows, more squash, and the beginning of the tomato plants. Beyond that are rows of varied pepper plants, beautiful purple eggplants, and popcorn. And this is only part of the garden!
I'll just note that harvesting these tomatoes in not my favorite thing. The rows are too the time I'm halfway down the row my tray is already full and quite hard to carry. I've tried to make it into more of a workout by first picking the tomatoes and leaving them in piles through the row, then going down the row with the large clumsy tray and squatting with it all the way to the ground to retrieve the tomatoes.
Regardless of how they are harvested, the plants leave greenness and dustiness all over your skin. If I examine my arms at the right angle the hair has turned totally green xD  The plants are so overgrown, and the rows so close together, it's like wading through a jungle that wants to swallow you alive and spit you out- transformed -into a sweaty, smelly, tired, greeeeeeeeeeeeen creature with sleeves rolled up, sweaty hair flying everywhere, muddy feet, and dusty rolled up jeans...when perhaps I entered clean and dry, with shoes on my feet and hair tied neatly back with a bandanna.

gross side note:  after harvesting tomatoes and working all day, the shower is so coated in brown dust that the water has trouble draining....So I've started stripping to my underwear as soon as I get home, and jumping in the lake.

cleaning --

The processing kitchen. These are special cucumbers that never get bitter, no matter how big they get. They don't turn green at all, instead they turn either dark brown, mustard yellow, or pure icey white. They are delicious.

 squeaky clean! Ready to weigh, box, and take to the farmer's market.

harvesting --

picking the cherry tomatoes. I enjoy this, it's like a treasure hunt..and they taste sooooo good right off the vine. This particular variety is called Black Prince. Instead of bright red, the tomatoes turn a very dull reddish black, and are nice and firm.

p.s. Check out my awesome henna tattoo.. the Hindu symbol which basically means "serenity", serenity for all living things, and peace.



Shallots. similar to onions, but purple and less onion-y. This is only a very small portion of the dried shallots.. We harvested these and lay them out to dry on screens. There were soooooooooooooooo many...but that was only the beginning of the job. Once they had dried, we clipped the tops and bottoms and peeled away a couple of the top layers of skin to leave the shallot looking shinier, cleaner, brighter, and more attractive. And leaving my hands and nails in an opposite state of looks.


 small portion of the "cleaned" shallot crop.

visitors --


super cool moth on the tomato plants.. it had fuzzy bright orange legs.


A bit hard to spot, but there's a tiny light purple bug crawling up my henna-d arm. It tickled.

A couple weeks ago some people came to the orchard and did some filming for a documentary. They are from "Slow Food" (as opposed to "fast food"). They promote and expose food ideas and food philosophies which have already been in existence, filming documentaries across the country and helping real foodies learn about each other.
They came the day after Austin and I harvested a huge amount of Basil. While they were here, we prepared the leaves and made pesto! It was also a lovely day to pick the first of the early apples. Because they've been ripening in the sun, they taste like cider when you eat them directly off the tree.  I love to eat the whole apple, core and stem. I love not having to fear the pesticides and chemical fertilizers!


This baby. She's the new guy ;)  still just a pup, and very full of energy. She runs up and down the tomato rows at high speed...she's great to have around, but we have to hurry to pull the harvested tomatoes out of her path. Really though, the worst thing about this dog is that she's too distracting!! One look and I've forgotten my task in favor of puppy snuggles.

The cats that live here are not overly friendly to begin with, but now with this bundle of fluff here we only see the cats at mealtime..

 I can't seem to remember her name.. It's one of the 108 names for the East Indian goddess of "truth and deceit"... not wonder I'm having trouble remembering..
For now everyone just calls her "pup" anyway. Mannn she's so darn cute.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Graduation and Tomatoes.

It's a wonderful feeling when the woman who taught you everything she knows is genuinely proud of you.
I was at her house today, planting tomatoes in her garden. It's been awhile since we had a good chat..

I have not done any "official" typical high school work for about a year, but just now decided it was time to be done with my formal high school education, though I will never stop learning and pursuing knowledge. My graduation party is in a couple weeks. I'm not a party person, so me and my best friend James are sharing a grad will be more fun that way :)


Dottie Gorrell has taught me more than almost anyone I know. She has taught me how to sew anything, how to prepare and make quilts, how to make patterns, how to alter garments and patterns, how to improvise and improve, shortcuts and the old fashioned ways. But she has been more than a teacher to me, she has also been an valued friend and grandmother figure. She has talked and listened to me for hours over the years, encouraging, scolding, advising, sharing, and laughing with me. There are so many little things about nature, work, faith, and the important things in life that she has passed on to me, probably without even realizing it. Friends are the family we chose.

So when my teacher and friend gives me a loving hug, looks me in the eyes and says "I'm proud of you Abbey. I really am.", imagine how that makes me feel. To be seeking the approval and joy of someone you love and respect, and then to receive it is an amazing feeling.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Twitter Post.. because I'm allowed to do that.

SO.  Yes, yes, it has been awhile. As usual.
Instead of actually writing a blog post this time, I decided to copy my Tweets from the last couple months.  I could've written entire blog posts about half of those Tweets..... all simplified into 140 characters.  What is the world coming to? ha.            Anyway- enjoy the nonsense!  And follow me on Twitter ;)  

{ early march through early april... starting with march }


 ahh! James' birthday.
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...wondering who thought it was a good idea to put flour in an old ice cream bucket and leave it on a really high shelf..I look like a ghost

I'm having some issues with the kitchen today. After I took a bath in flour, the cabinet broke, sooo
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Oh bloody hell.. my puppy is wandering around outside with a domestic rabbit between his jaws. Someone is going to get mad at me now.

 oh.....look at that. Here comes the other puppy with a freaking deer head in his mouth. This should prove to be an interesting relationship

......maybe it was a bad idea to name my puppies after Scottish politicians and warlords...


Explosion in le painting "studio" this morning. In an un-related note, I'm wearing turpentine perfume to a wedding today.

I almost died driving home tonight after the wedding cuz I was jamming out to Showbread. RawRock rocks my socks. And it's dangerous.

Mom: "What are you doing??!" Me: "grr..sleeping!" mom: "We're going to Florida in 15minutes!!! Didn't you set an alarm?!" me: *_*

Leaving in 15m? Ok...sleep for 10 more minutes, brush teeth: 2 minutes, put on shoes 30 seconds, power nap: 2 1/2 minutes, get in car.

"Who the Son sets free; is free indeed.." my shackles fall.

Only 3 hours into this 24 hour drive, and I've already resorted to a game of "air hockey" with the 4yr old. Using a penny.

The RV caught on fire. It was cool..and yet, not. "LORD JESUS IT'S A FIRRRRE!"

Red goes to positive. Black goes to negative.

I love the movie Robots. You people have no idea.. It's probably really just cuz Robin Williams is in it. And Obi Wan. And they're robots.

It was only 11pm when I pulled over to stop for the night, but everyone was tired... I'm thinking I should have selected a better spot. ...

The view when I woke up: a giant chicken in a chef hat, and a hotel proudly bearing the name 'Boobie Bungalow. Gentleman's Club" -_-

on a road trip through the middle of nowhere... Note to self: don't take the first exit available for a rest stop.

Nehemiah 5. What a leader looks like. A servant of the people working to achieve the same goal w/out trampling on those under his authority.

I just found my botany and science journal from when I was like, 12. It's so weird, I can remember writing some of this stuff.


Burger King's music selection: Coldplay, OneRepublic, Boys Like Girls, Bruno Mars, All American Rejects, etc.

Last night I drove the beastie through the Appellation the dark. Something to put on the new experiences list. Ha.

ITS NOT LIKE THAT I WAS USING THE WIFI! RT : darth_abbey you're eating fast food? Miracles do occur ;)


But it said 'fresh squeezed' on the label.. ;) hahaaa RT keep tellin' yourself that, babe. And enjoy that fake orange juice..

This is the part of the tour where I tie the children to the roof and laugh.

I woke up to find my baby brother sleeping next to me, all snuggled up and holding my hand... *cue quivering lip*

Naked "green machine" for breakfast.. Not as good as the smoothies I make, but still pretty yum.

The 2yr old is singing the Spider Man theme..Meanwhile, the 4yr old is reading old Spider Man comics.

Just when I thought I couldn't care any less about the state of my appearance, we hit day 3 of the ......*scary music*

I had oreos and peanut butter for breakfast today.

Crappy back-stabbing friends, and the parents who encourage it by example: go home and rethink your life.

<3 RT Everyone in my phone is a flower:
bluebell- Becca.
blossom- Victoria.
dandelion- Anna.
lupine- Katie.

thinks I go running in my combat boots. Haha. That's what the Chuck Taylor hi-tops are for..

My brother cut a hole in a coconut and gave it to me with a straw in it. Yum. And kinda weird.

Friends give me their clothes to "fix" or "mend", and I'm just like.... HAHAHAHAdudedoyouknowme? XD

friend: "can you mend this hole?" me: yeah...but I can't promise that's the only thing I'll do to it....

Caption spelling mistakes aside, I love this..
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When friends say in the same sentence as my name. Cuz apparently there's this stupid face I make... <3

Why hello, painful sunburn...yes, yes I know its been awhile. Welcome back? Oh by the way, next time would you mind bringing a TAN with you?

"wow you have a lot of bracelets. How long does it take to get them off?"

"is your hair natural?" me: -_- yeah, I was born with blue hair.

 hahaha x)
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Please stop verbally murdering each other over stupid things.

Josie(4) accidentally put her swimming suit on over her, magically, she removed them while keeping the suit on  

...Annnnnnnd then Josie ran full-speed into the sliding glass door.  

I would like to take this time to be a baby & whine about how extremely painful this sunburn is. Falling asleep in the sun = bad.  

Repairing the relationship with my brother..Its hard in ways I cant even explain. But I know it will be WORTH every second.  

Oh man. I just went over 2k.  

Yeahhhhhh.. I'm gonna blame the 2,000th tweet on <3

Discussion about the Ottoman Empire and patterns of the human race.. during breakfast. Gonna be a good day.

My reading list for vacation.. Some of my favorites

Zach: "haha. Hey Abbey, your sunburned butt is sitting on a COOLER full of ICE!! Bwahahahaa!" me: -_- "how ironic, Snow White."

@ The_Entire_Internet : I'm sorry to disappoint you, but no, I was not streaking.. XD

Mom: "Josie I don't want you to sing that song anymore!" (Whiskey Nancy, Gaelic Storm) Jo: "why?" Mom: "CUZ IT'S A DRINKING SONG"  

You know who you are.. ;)   

YOUR vs. YOU'RE....
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The places my dreads and bracelets get caught... Rather embarrassing at times..

When my little brother (2) doesn't get his way, he points at you, bunches up his face & says "GRR IMMA SEND YOU TO TIMBUKTU!!"

It would be nice if people would stop yelling at me every time they smell: Turpentine, fire, dangerous chemicals, or all of the above

Just realized I haven't eaten today. That would explain the scary roaring monster in my belly that's apparently trying to get my attention.

I miss so much, it hurts. <3  

And life isn't quite the same without . <3  

My brother is practicing lines for a play he has the lead in.. His German accent is so good I can't understand a word he's saying.

Josie (4): I'm gonna fart soon. Ladies and gentleman, a direct quote.

I liked to eat gummy bears on pizza when I was a kid.

RT "___isnt a Christian cuz they___." Well, casting the 1st stone, aren't we. You know what they say about ppl in glass houses..

It seems that I'm incapable of purchasing or wearing clothing that is any color other than dull shades of gray,green,&black.  

and this is why I am afraid..because I love the rain, I love the sun, I love the wind.
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The crazy thing is that God gives us what we ask for. If we desire sin, he gives us up to it. If we desire Him, He fills us with the Spirit.

 "..the vastness is bearable only through love."
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"..and everything that kills me makes me feel alive..lately I been losing sleep dreamin about the things that we could be.." Counting Stars

I'm convinced that LATE is the best time to go to Walmart. So much more fun to run through the aisles like an idiot buying tea & underwear.

...when dad told my great-gma that they were having another baby (ben), she said: "you know what causes that, right..?"
View conversation  

I want to go to so bad.. and a zillion others :(

Its a handful of people in my life that make me feel alive. The ones that challenge me, make me think, &encourage me in the hardest things.. 
..the people that prove me wrong, and the people that guide me- those are the people I'll always want to be with.

"I knew a man once who said, 'Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back.'" -Russell Crowe 'Gladiator'

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentines Day.

On Valentines Day this year, someone broke into my car.

It was my best friend.

He left this :

 (yeahhh that's a random avocado.)

Paper tulips, lilies, and roses with an origami an old rusty coffee can.  
That boy knows me so well.

I covered work for him. 
I took him out for coffee.

I already knew he was the thoughtful one,
but he showed me that he's the creative one on this friendship.

Dinner and a movie? A box of chocolates and a dozen roses?  


Boys, you've been outdone by my best friend.. sittdown.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013


 It's cold. It's dark. It's really bloody cold.

Why do I enjoy being fat and wearing sweats all winter?  My brain knows quite well that when summer comes, I'll regret being fat and wearing sweats all winter. 
Being cold, tired, uninspired, and mostly cold, seem like pretty good reasons to sit around and be a blob... for a day.  Not for a whole season.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??  I just want to cuddle up in a bunch of blankets and baggy clothes and drink tea and eat toast.  I'll letcha know how that works out.

I've noticed that when I've got one important thing right where it needs to be, everything else is easier.. likewise, it's pretty obvious when I'm a wreck.  A mental case. A nut job. Psycho.
I shall now continue to elaborate with further ado.

The hardest challenges of my day: 
2. feeling motivated
3. going to bed

(in all honestly this should be on the list too:  4. being nice.. and while I'm at it I might as well add:   5. talking.. but this is the fine print, you didn't see this. Carry on.)

Amidst all this slobby lazy ridiculous bumish-ness, the small part of my brain that's still trying to think realistically is saying:  "oh hey, you're really gonna wish you had done something about this when it gets warm and you wanna wear something other than hoodies and sweat pants.. Go run three miles. now. Oh, and stop eating that sugar.  And bread. some sit-ups wouldn't hurtya either. k-- go now.  Okay, now. now. now. annnnny day now. now. okay, tomorrow."

The larger part of my brain is saying:  damn its cold.
And more helpful things like, "pshh you can do all that any time. It only takes a month to drop 10, you got time to be fat.  Oh it's just a few chocolate chips.  Yeah, it's just a loaf of bread.  Hmmm..look at that list of stuff you need to do..woww there's no way you're gonna get all that done, why don't you just sit there and do nothing?  Or possibly pace back and forth like an idiot trying to figure out what to do first?  Maybe you could sit down at the sewing machine, pick up that paint brush, the math book, a freaking broom, anything for a sec and then get overwhelmed and go back to being pathetic.  Put on some more socks and get another cuppa joe.  Sounds good? Great! I thought so too..."

Obviously my natural instinct is to hibernate.
But I know it will be worth it to put some effort into being productive.. it usually is. So I am; because summer is also worth the effort, and it's getting closerrrr ;)


Monday, January 14, 2013

Light Up The Sky

So the sunset last night was cool.  Pretty average I would say, but pretty nonetheless.
After the sun had disappeared behind the trees and hills, the sky became a dull pattern of soft colors.

The longer I stared at the sky the more I realized why something so average was suddenly so beautiful.. My entire view of the sky had become a rainbow; the colors were not bright and dazzling, they did not stab at me with the obvious hues and shape like the magic marker rainbows my little sister draws.  The colors were washed-out and faded, but intense.  blues, purple, green, yellows, orange, pink, and reds gently transitioned into the dark skyline.

While I stood there staring at the sky like a sentimental idiot with my brain leaking out my ears and then freezing in the balmy 12 degree (and dropping) temp, I thought about promises.. of all things.  And then wiped the snot off my frozen nose.

god makes a promise in Genesis 9:11-17, a "covenant" really.  Specifically with Noah, the dude that got to hang out in a massive boat full of animals and animal dump for nearly six weeks.  But it also says that all the generations to come are part of the promise as well.  It says that every time a "rainbow" cuts through the sky, he will remember his covenant with us.

12 And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come: 13 I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. 14 Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, 15 I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life. 16 Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.”

Soo, all that to say:  I don't realize just how often that is.. I always thought rainbows were such a rarity, and as a kid I wondered why god wouldn't make that a more regular occurrence since it was so important.  And its always meant more to me than just a promise not to flood the earth again.. it seems to me that it is more an expression of his love and care, a gentle indication that he is with us.

 But it turns out, it is a regular occurrence.  Though perhaps a more subtle gesture of his love and mercy, he does remind us more often than we realize.. Far too often I take all that for granted, the love and mercy stuff.  But its a good reminder for me every time he lights up the sky ;)


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Smurf Murder

I shall now speak quite randomly of Smurf murder and blue hair.. 
any connection between the two is quite possibly possible and may be kept to yourself if, 
by chance, you happen notice any such coincidence....

This is me. and my recently re-dyed blue hair. It makes me happy having blue hair.


I've been told it smells like the blueberry chick from "Strawberry Shortcake"? Honestly not sure what that means. I'm thinking those little dolls that stink like yummy stuff.


When you use hair dye you're supposed to put petroleum jell on your skin so it won't stain, but I don't care that much, and I got tired of ruining all the white undershirts I jacked from my brother. So if you ever wonder why my arms and shoulders are blue and slightly purple, that's why.
P.S. see my purty dreadlocks?? That one with the massive metal bead is cool. it has a dragon on it :]


  post-dying.. it's still a mess ;P

I'm wanting to try red/orange/yellow this year.. I think it would be interesting if the ends of my hair looked like they were on fire. funfun..

love, abbey

Friday, December 21, 2012

Only The Young

My two year old brother is a real piece of work.  Since the day he was born, he’s had a thing for music.  Jambo is an emotional child; if a tune or melody is too emotionally charged, he cries.  Like seriously.  But it’s not just that.. He knows what he likes.  And if he doesn’t like what’s playing, he makes it obvious.
He’s really picky about music.


DownHere starts playing. 
Jambo:  “NO!”
Aprox 15 seconds into every song-
Jambo:  “Don’t like sshong!”   (song)

Personally, I love DownHere.. we tried to listen to several of their songs, working backward from newest to oldest-  but Jambo refused to enjoy it. 

Switchfoot starts playing.
Jambo:  “NO!  Don’t like sshong!”   (song) 

He really didn’t give them a fair chance.


I skipped Flyleaf.  Too emotional for my sensitive brother ;)  Interesting fact:  For the first year of his life, Jambo cried at every song I sang him to sleep with… except for Stay, by Flyleaf. This is a cover of U2.  He loves that song, almost as much as I do.  But I’ve always thought of it as a very emotional song, soo…?

U2 starts playing.
And you can hear the unmistakable voice of The Edge’s guitar, and Bono breathing heavily through the speakers.
Jambo:  “NO!  Don’t like sshong!”   (song)

Ahem.  Explain to me how that makes sense.  The child can’t handle emotion, therefore cannot handle Flyleaf; nor will he listen to U2, which is more politically opinionated rather than emotional…. But one of his favorite songs is a U2 song covered by Flyleaf??  WHAT?

We’ll give the 80’s a bit more of a shot.

Foreigner starts playing.
“Here I come, ready or not.. Here I come, ready to ggoooo—ooo……”
Jambo:  “No.., don’t like sshong..”

At least he wasn’t quite so against Foreigner.. But it still pains me that the kid won’t listen to Lou.

And then.

 Journey starts playing.
“Onlllyyyy the younnnng can sayyyyyy, they’re free to ffllllllllllyyy aawwwwwaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy… Shharinggggg the saaaaaammeeeeeee desiiiiiiiires, burninnnng like wildd ffiiiiiiiii-iii--rrrreeeeeeeeeeee…”


Oh dear Lord.  Journey?  Yes, yes.. Steve Perry is brilliant, though hard to look at.. I love Journey as much as everyone else...  But Journey?  Over U2??  And FOREIGNER?  Over Switchfoot?  Over FLYLEAF? 


As a side note-  my other brother, Zach, can sing the Bohemian Rhapsody as well as Freddy Mercury any day.  I’m freaking dead serious, he kills it.

Stay young-