Monday, May 9, 2011

Walmart visits freak me out.

I was in dear Walmart yesterday wandering aimlessly.  I stopped to wash my hands, and the the song playing in the restroom was "I want candy".  I'm sure you know the one, that irritating, unending, painfully repetitive one.  After a moment a cell phone began ringing in one of the stalls... The ring tone was the theme song from the cheese ball  '80s movie, "Smokey and the Bandit"!  Oh wow.  What a hilarious mixture.

After a good hour of killing time and getting lost, I wandered over to the very farthest cash register.  I was just getting a few things, one of them was precious white-out.  I should own stock in white-out.  When this elderly cashier grabbed the little bottle, glanced at me and said, "How old are you?"  I'm like, "uhhhhhh why?"
I was informed that she would need to "card me" if I wanted to buy the white-out!  Really??  Since when do you get carded for purchasing office supplies?  Oh well.  It gave me a good laugh anyway  :)
It seems like every time I'm in Walmart something funny happens.  Even if it is mildly lame...  >_>

After running errands with my mom and baby brother for a couple hours, he was ready for a good old car nap.  He needed some help though.  So I kindly pulled my electric guitar out of it's case and put him to sleep with Skillet, Flyleaf, Kutless, Switchfoot, and Thousand Foot Krutch.  This boy is born to rock I tell you!  He's already got beat.  I'm thinking drummer.  Maybe bass.