Monday, October 31, 2011

My legs are going to fall off.

I've just had a rather painful, laughable experience... Late this afternoon I walked about a mile to our woods on the other side of the lake, and then ran about a mile in the woods, and then walked the mile home again.  It was fun, I love running in the woods- and an ipod as loud as it will go makes it even more enjoyable :)
By the time I got home my legs were thoroughly jello... As soon as I walked in the door, I was informed that my dad needed my help moving a giant trampoline from my cousin's house (almost two miles) to our house.  ?? 
(My cousins are moving away, and they didn't want the trampoline.  Just so you know why the heck we were dragging a massive freaking trampoline home at 6pm)
Dad and Flash had already taken the 4-wheeler and the truck, so my only option of transportation was my already tired feet... I ran over real quick, and just as I got there they were ready to leave.  They had the trampoline resting on a trailer while me, Flash and my cousin Mj kept it steady so it wouldn't fall off.  We had to jog most of the way.
So, I got more than twice the workout I thought I was getting today  ;)
And my legs are officially going to fall off. 



Sunday, October 30, 2011 ate THAT??!!!!!

My little brother was playing the other day, just minding his own business and having a good time.  Flash glances over at Jambo, who has momentarily left his game and is eating something questionable off the floor...
"Hey mom.. What is Jambo eating?  Are those blueberries on the floor?"
Mom looks over and isn't terribly concerned because the "food" on the floor can't be too bad, probably just left over from breakfast.
"Oh I think it's fine, I don't see any more."
Couple minutes later he's picking up another "blueberry" and popping it in his mouth.  Mom sees him this time and begins to wonder where the heck the magical blueberries are coming from.  Jambo squats down for another, and some already digested "blueberries"- which were actually raisins -fall out the back of  his pants and onto the floor...................... oh yuck.
Mom started freaking out.  It was funny.  She hadn't realized that Jambo needed a diaper change.  She even wrote on the calender, "JAMBO ATE POOP" so that if he got sick or something she'd know why.
Babies and calenders are such great conversation starters  :)