Tuesday, November 29, 2011


There comes a time in everyone's life when you have to stop and ask yourself,  "why the heck am I trying to cut celery with a butter knife??"

Just sayn'.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanks and all that

Well.  It's thanksgiving (or it was twenty minutes ago).  That well known american holiday where we eat until we'd enjoy barfing, and then go back for more pie.  I'm a vegetarian, so I didn't touch the turkey lol.  I had plenty of sweet potatoes, green beans, and bread to make me swear never to eat again.  A promise I make regularly  ;)

So enough with all the boring stuff-  Here's what I'm thankful for..
My family of course, but it only starts there. 

my wonderful and fantastic, completely amazing friends. 


new guitar strings.

beautiful artwork.

star wars.

insanely awesome music.

my dog.

and of course, flowers... especially Black Eyed Susans  :)

and my bed.  high speed internet.  rainy days.  sunny days.  youtube.  good books.  movies.  etc.

Stuff I'm not thankful for-
when my bed is made.  dial-up.  when good books are turned into crappy movies.  mayonnaise.  I could keep going, but you get the idea  ;)

Happy Thanksgiving people!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Putting on a pair of yellow skinny jeans and a teenage mutant ninja turtle t-shirt while talking in the phone is really hard.  But it is possible.. and I know this.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cleaning My Room. or else.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a hint.  A big blue, green, and ugly hint.

My mother brought these big plastic boxes home from the store a couple days ago and set them outside my door.

I'm sure anyone who is between the ages of six and eighteen has been faced with an angry mother who's "HAD IT" with you dump of a room.  Let's say this, I'm a pack-rat.  I keep everything, knowing that someday I'll surely be able to use it for something.  So the problem is I don't have room in my room for all my accumulated crap.  Really, the vast majority are things for sewing projects- old clothes that I plan to cut up and re-make, mending and alterations for people, fabric fabric fabric, scraps, things I've taken apart, things I'm putting together, sewing supplies, etc.
Basically, there was a tiny path from the door to my bed, from the bed to the closet, and from the closet to the stereo.  Everything else was piled high with junk.  
And yes, of course it was all perfectly organized..... and I knew right where everything was..... mostly.

So I was informed that my room has to be clean by Monday (for those of you who don't know, that's tomorrow), or mom is going to "clean" my room.... Which would be the end of the world.
Her cleaning methods are just weird.  I can't find anything once she's "cleaned it up".. A lot of times this involves big black trash bags.. And honestly, that would probably be better than letting her organize everything!!  She would organize my precious junk out of existence. 
Needless to say, I've been working on my room.  By myself. 

...... So my brother said this was a form of rebellion.  XD  make me clean my room, will you?  Make me organize my junk, will you?  Ok, but I'll make the boxes look the way I want ;)
I've rejected those ugly plastic boxes- too bright, too big, and too plastic.  So I dug up some beat up cardboard boxes that are so much better, so much easier to look at.  And then I doodled on them with sharpies.  

So yeah.  I'll let you know if I still have a room tomorrow.  Or if my parents have possibly kicked me out early  XD  


Monday, November 14, 2011


I am hopelessly obsessed with Switchfoot.  Their newest album, Vice Verses came out last month, but I ordered it waay later than I would've liked.. It just came in the mail today- and my dad did something horribly, wretchedly, wickedly unforgivable.
He popped it in his computer and started listening to it.  I came upstairs shortly, and after a minute or two of catching little bits of the music coming from his office, it was sounding so much like Switchfoot, but I assumed it was one of their older albums I wasn't remembering clearly.  The sounds kept getting awesomer, and I'm thinking, this can't be Switchfoot... It was driving me crazy that I didn't recognize the music!
It wasn't Legend Of Chin, New Way To Be Human, Learning To Breathe, The Beautiful Letdown, Nothing Is Sound, Oh!Gravity, Hello Hurricane, and I know it's not Chin Up-  so maybe it's someone else??
I hollered at him and asked what the heck he was listening to because it was awesome and I couldn't hear it well enough to recognize it..  He didn't answer, simply held the unmistakable album high and waved it around where I could see it perfectly.  I completely freaked out/screamed/and somehow managed to make it across the house, and a tall baby gate, in an incredibly short amount of time...
But he wouldn't hand over the precious CD!!!!  He insisted that he was ripping it to his computer and made me wait probably an hour!  OHHH it was complete agony.  No way it took that long to rip.  Grrr.  I think he just wanted the satisfaction of saying that he listened to it before me.  Wicked, wicked man.  Of course, he did  purchase it for me... But STILL.

So, as you might have guessed, I have Vice Verses completely memorized by now.. It's awesome, not as good as some of their other stuff, but some of the songs are freaking excellent.

I am now listening to Men At Work, Cargo.  Is that random or what?  lol

[ p.s.  I do hate to keep bringing up my endless disappointment in once-small and lovable bands, who were so much better and real-er before they got widely popular.. But here I go, and I might as well tell you right now that it won't be the last time  ;)
So anyway, to cut to the chase, dear Switchfoot has, in my opinion, changed quit a bit.  (I'm not going to say sell out, but I'm sure as heck thinking it) As I said though, I'm still obsessed with them.. Even if it's for the sake of what they used to be.  I suppose they can't be blamed for making awesome noise, and at least they still don't seem to be "adding to it" (props for those of you who "got" that).  But there was a time not too long ago when I could start talking to some random person about Switchfoot and they'd stare at me blankly trying to figure what I was talking about, and what the heck a switchfoot was, and why it was used in the same sentence with music-related babble.... (for the record, a switchfoot is basically a person who can surf left or right footed, and change feet in the middle of riding a wave).  If I do that now, or even last year, most people know exactly what I'm talking about.  Which isn't a bad thing.  All I'm saying is, they've gotten big.  Bigger than I hoped they would.  Just looking at their live concert videos is crazy, massive crowds and everything is big and extravagant.. And their merch store online is insane!  They used to make their own concert tees with stencils and puffy paint for crying out loud.  
Ok that was just weird.  Anyone who might be reading this can wake up now. lol ]


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

When push comes to shove

Yesterday I went for a three mile run in the rain, and my brother went with me.  I was so tired by the time we were almost home, I was just going to stop and walk the rest of the way.  But my dear brother pushed me.  Literally, he ran behind me and pushed me along for probably ten yards, forcing me to go faster.  And then I was able to run the rest of the way. 
I don't like running by myself because there's no challenge.. even though I really don't think of myself as a "competitive" person, it is soo much easier to run farther and faster when there is someone to compete with... Especially if he's got great endurance and is very strong and has long legs.  Flash is pretty hard to keep up with, and when I feel like stopping, he helps me keep going  :) 


Sunday, November 6, 2011


Well, it's that time of year.  People are starting to break out the ChapStick..... Unless you happen to prefer these alternatives:

My aunt almost put wart remover on her lips the other day, the chapstick was in the other pocket.

My little sister (who is still figuring out this confusing language called English) informed me that she was in need of some "chop stick" because her lips were dry.   :)

I'm reminded of the scene in The Three Amigos (Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Martin Short) where Chevy Chase is drinking the only water they have in the middle of an endless desert - and not offering to share - and then going nuts with the chapstick - and then offering to share it... "Lip balm?" 

Napoleon Dynamite-  "MY LIPS HURT REAL BAD!!"

Hot sauce and cherry pits

In my family, it's not unusual to be cooking something in a state of flustered distractedness at an hour when most people would have already eaten dinner.
In my family, when this happens the food can turn out accidentally awesome, or painfully disgusting.
In my family, many really yummy recipes have been triumphantly invented in these un-ideal circumstances for cooking.
In my family, there have been many evenings where we had to choke down something extremely questionable.
Yesterday was one of those days..
In my family, it's not all out-of-the-ordinary to have a gallon of Frank's Red Hot Sauce in the refrigerator.
In my family, that's the sort of thing the guys ask for on their birthday.
In my family, a gallon of hot sauce is the sort of thing that gets transferred from it's original container into an un-labeled container and sits in the back of the fridge until everyone but my brother forgets about it...

Until mom is making a pot of chili soup and needs tomato juice.. You'd be surprised just how similar tomato juice and hot sauce look in un-marked jars.

Yes.  My dear mother dumped almost a quart of hot sauce in the soup.
I can take all the heat, all the spicy, all the pain you can dish out.... But the awkward tomato wang in that hot sauce is just gross.
Dad tried to fix this disaster of a dinner, and did about as much as anyone could do... But let's just say this:  By the time he was done "fixing" said chili, there were potatoes floating in it to soak up the hot sauce flavor, green peppers to distract from the overwhelming tomato-y taste, and more spices than I could keep track of.
After eating a very small (meat-less) bowl of what once resembled chili, I decided to just eat some spaghetti squash instead!

Oh well.. What fun would eating be if no one ever made any mistakes??
Like the time mom forgot to pit the cherries before she put them in the pie.


Thursday, November 3, 2011


Today I played touch football with a few friends.  It was awesome.  My team won, 30 something to 3!  I scored a couple touchdowns, but also learned an important lesson:  INTERCEPTING THE BALL WITH YOUR FACE  =  BAD.  To be honest, it was rather painful.
One of the guys did the same thing a little later, he's got a very swollen face with a somewhat purple hue.... You'd think after seeing my embarrassing little encounter with the football, everyone would have tried a bit more to avoid getting smacked in the head too ;)
It rained all night and this morning, so the ground was really muddy and covered with wet, slippery leaves.  It was excellent.

Loving the weather lately, here it's been a little overcast and cloudy.  Rainy on and off, and getting cold.  I'll of course be wishing for sunshine again soon though  ;)  I'm going to finish my tea and go clean my room now.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We As Human

So I went to an awesome concert the other day, and one of my favorite bands was playing:

Skillet was the main band playing, but I'm not real excited about Skillet... Disciple was there too, which was freaking amazing, I love them!! 
I'd like to briefly point out to everyone that Skillet is incredibly overrated.  They put on an impressive show, but their lyrics can't compare to many many bands that are far less popular.  While Skillet's music is good, their lyrics seem almost hollow.. Disciple and We As Human left Skillet in the dust, it was almost funny.  For some reason, when a band gets really popular and massively huge like that, it's reeeally hard for me to take them seriously.  Probably because they seem to take themselves too seriously...

Me and the friend I went with had standing room only, which was fine because we were able to eventually work our way closer to the front and stand in the aisle.  Probably half the time we were standing in the verrrrrrry back, practically sitting on the We As Human merch booth.. Which was also perfectly fine, because when they finally came out, we were pretty much the only ones back there  :D  It was pretty much awesome.  They signed my arm.  (and my WAH shirt, and the new EP, and a poster......lol)  While we were standing there, some guy walks up and asked my friend for his autograph.. so funny, must be the blue hair  ;)
They were the first ones that played, and I really wish they had played longer!  They did play one of my very favorite songs though, Dead Man.  It was insane!

I demand that anyone reading this immediately stops reading and go check out We As Human.  Because they're awesome-    http://www.weashuman.com