Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hot sauce and cherry pits

In my family, it's not unusual to be cooking something in a state of flustered distractedness at an hour when most people would have already eaten dinner.
In my family, when this happens the food can turn out accidentally awesome, or painfully disgusting.
In my family, many really yummy recipes have been triumphantly invented in these un-ideal circumstances for cooking.
In my family, there have been many evenings where we had to choke down something extremely questionable.
Yesterday was one of those days..
In my family, it's not all out-of-the-ordinary to have a gallon of Frank's Red Hot Sauce in the refrigerator.
In my family, that's the sort of thing the guys ask for on their birthday.
In my family, a gallon of hot sauce is the sort of thing that gets transferred from it's original container into an un-labeled container and sits in the back of the fridge until everyone but my brother forgets about it...

Until mom is making a pot of chili soup and needs tomato juice.. You'd be surprised just how similar tomato juice and hot sauce look in un-marked jars.

Yes.  My dear mother dumped almost a quart of hot sauce in the soup.
I can take all the heat, all the spicy, all the pain you can dish out.... But the awkward tomato wang in that hot sauce is just gross.
Dad tried to fix this disaster of a dinner, and did about as much as anyone could do... But let's just say this:  By the time he was done "fixing" said chili, there were potatoes floating in it to soak up the hot sauce flavor, green peppers to distract from the overwhelming tomato-y taste, and more spices than I could keep track of.
After eating a very small (meat-less) bowl of what once resembled chili, I decided to just eat some spaghetti squash instead!

Oh well.. What fun would eating be if no one ever made any mistakes??
Like the time mom forgot to pit the cherries before she put them in the pie.


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