Monday, December 5, 2011

What THE HECK is for dinner??

The other night me and my brother cooked a really yummy Thai recipe for dinner.. It was beautiful- Bok Choy, lemon grass, Shiitake mushrooms, carrots, Serrano peppers, limes, peanuts, and red chili paste, etc., and some lovely rice noodles.
There was also fish oil.  This was something new for us, and for those of you who haven't cooked with fish oil before either, a piece of advice:  DON'T SMELL IT. 
Despite the horrifying aroma coming from the jar of fish oil, the soup turned out great- spicy and amazing.

Part 2:  My dad has been sick for a couple months, and as a result can't eat the food most normal people eat (Mc Donald's is already out)... The list of things he can eat is a lot shorter than the list of what he can't, but he was able to eat the fancy soup me and Flash made (minus the noodles).

  This is dad.  Why does his bowl of fancy Thai soup look so.... weird?  After sitting and staring at the bowl of fresh spinach he eats everyday (one of the only things he can eat right now) with a rather pained look on his face, he unceremoniously dumped it in his bowl of soup.  I stared at him until he stirred up his now very spinach-y soup and said, "I'm so stinkn' tired of salad!"   
Poor dad  ;)


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