Friday, January 20, 2012

That crappy moment when you realize...

So I've been trying to forget about the fact that one of my favorite bands will be playing in a concert- just barely within my reach- because I didn't think I'd be able to go anyway.. I finally did forget about it, until last night it hit me like a freaking Mack truck that the concert I was dying to go to (no pun intended) was the very next day (TODAY), and I had failed to make arrangements to get there................ I nearly had a panic attack, or perhaps a nervous breakdown, maybe both- and frantically started texting someone who I knew would be going... 11 o' clock at night, the day before, is really not the best time to try and figure out how in the world I could possibly transport my sorry butt down the road several hours to a concert (that I've been looking forward to for three months).  Sooo yeah, that's why I'm at home right now updating my blog  :/  hum.


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