Wednesday, January 4, 2012

you know you didn't make any New Years resolutions when.....

Last night I walked through the kitchen and asked my mom if I she would be needing her room for awhile (Pipsqueak was sleeping in my room).  Without looking up she says, "No- Jambo's going to bed soon..  Why?  Are you going to work out?"  (I used to work out everyday, and sometimes I had to use my parents room if mine was already taken..)
And I'm like, "HAHAHA-  um, actually I was going to sit on my butt and watch the 5 hour version of Pride And Prejudice on the portable DVD player...."

( come on, everyone gets the random urge to watch a chick flick every now and then  ;)

And on top of that:  I don't like to run by myself, and no one will go with me now that it's cold!!  So I've only been able to run about once a week.. help.

Good luck with all those resolutions  ;)  haha


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