Saturday, March 17, 2012

February (in March).. Because I was too lazy to post

Sometimes I remember to take pictures of things..

didn't snow much this year, but I did go ice skating on this small pond... and here I'm building a sea monster coming out of the ice.  Yeah, I know it doesn't look like a sea monster ;)

This is my brother's cat, Bob.  (when he was born we thought he was a girl and named him Belle.. we soon realized that name was not fitting, and simply changed it to Bob.  now you know why he has a lame name)

 Bob is sitting in the (empty) heated electric water dish.  Apparently his toes were cold ;) 


 Football with some friends and cousins-
 we're just messing around.  but I'm pretty sure our field was far too long..

^ you can see my younger cousin dying on the ground over there

........this is the point where we're tired of running around tackling each other.  So, I've decided to hop two inches into the air and throw my hands up knowing the football is waaaay too high for anyone to catch, and Flash has opted for an obnoxious head-butt directed at M.  This picture was taken at a rather awkward moment.

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