Monday, March 19, 2012

Vacation: airports suck and graffiti art

I just got back from vacation with my family- it was great, swimming and tanning and reading and sleeping and eating and art shows and music. 
Downside:  too hot for my bumblebee stockings that everyone hates so much.  Upside:  I got a tan!  We did some cool stuff, and I've got a couple pictures to prove it...
waiting in the airport.  I wonder if all those people on the smart phones (the very name should scare us..) realize that I can see all their funny device names on my laptop?  "kitty-girl88"  "CrazyNinja"  etc

I also find it interesting that nearly every female between the tween age and middle aged, in the general airport vicinity, were dressed as though they were going to a party or some special occasion rather than a smelly airport.  When I travel, I wear the most comfortable, simple clothes I own.  and that usually means sweat pants or jeans and a t-shirt.  So I couldn't help but wonder- airplanes are incredibly uncomfortable as it is, especially if you're crowded between people you've never met, (unless you count the awkward exchange when you first get on the plane and bang their knees and face with your bag because you were too cheap to check any luggage) so why make it even more uncomfortable by getting all dressed up in a complicated outfit?  my thoughts.  ;)

my arm bracers and bracelets.  unfortunately, there is enough metal on my arms that I had to take most of them off to get through the metal detectors.  and my studded belt- my pants wanted to fall off!  what a pain.  and I've added a few more bracelets since then..
p.s. I've had these lovely things on my arms for almost two years now!  oh yeah!  which of course means that my arms are reeeeally white underneath  XD

 biking :)  I love doing this, we ride all around the island and then get ice cream at our favorite spot.
(and yes, my brother is still wearing his coat.  even though we are not in winter anymore, we are in florida)

we went to Whole Foods, LOVE THAT PLACE.  we ate lunch there and stuffed ourselves full of scrummy "organic" food (which was awesome, because they have everything marked as whether or not it's vegetarian, vegan, or normal.  makes things easier;)  Then we wandered the isles and drooled.

 so happy to have yummy food.  
(really not sure why my face is so washed out, guess the lighting was weird)

me and Flash found this really long wall (literally on the other side of the tracks...) that was completely graffiti-ed!  it was beautiful, so we took some pictures tried to look cool- but it didn't work so we settled for looking like idiots  ;D 

ain't he cute!  i find this one somewhat ironic, as my dear brother is blindingly white. ^
 probably from wearing hoodies and jeans all summer. haha.

 i love this painting


 going home!


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