Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy late birthday- to meee!

Been awhile.  But I have excellent reasons for it..  Last week was insane, I was seriously not in my house more than a few minutes and to sleep a couple times.  More on that later. 
My birthday was in April, I’m eighteen now!  Woohoo!  (I think..)

Pipsqueak’s birthday is the day after mine, she was born ten minutes after midnight :) mom went into labor during my birthday party that year.  So we usually have some kind of joined birthday party thing with family and stuff, so that was fun. 

 My yummy coconut cream birthday pie.  Oh yes.

restrain laughter.

 Oh yeah, we're party animals.  You know we're serious when we break out the party hats and kazoo thingys.  This is Flash and my cousin Mitchel.

Love you Mitch.  Don't kill me for putting this picture on the internet.

Big stuff happening this year-  my grandparents plan to take me to Europe this fall, which is completely INSANE.  I’m so excited, I can’t wait to find out which countries we’re going to so I can start studying!!! 

And if that wasn’t awesome enough, I’m really REALLY hoping to go to New Zealand for a couple months this winter.  Some extremely wonderful and very dear friends of mine live there and I haven’t seen them for about six years now.  (and no, they aren’t Hobbits)..

or dinosaurs for that matter... I did this when we were all a lot younger.  why?  Really not sure.
Love you guys :)



Scott Callahan said...

Oh! happy birthday to you! My birthday was also in April!

darth-abbey said...

nice! Ok, how old? :]