Saturday, May 19, 2012

Miniature road-trip of awesomeness.

[ flashback.. part one ]

So, miniature road-trip with my favorite bunch of maniacs?.. I think yes.  It was awesome.  Me, my friends James, Evajo, and Sam, Flash and my parents made the two hour drive to the city I grew up in (in our big, huge, ugly, and oh-so-wonderful 12 passenger van).  Why?  Well I’m glad you asked.  SWITCHFOOT was playing a concert in that great little city.  We go there so often it still feels like home, so making the trek last month for one of the greatest bands around was a no brain-er ;)

 me and james :D

..sam is examining my suspenders. 

say cheese <3

 ...he's trying to braid eva's hair.  We got a little bored in the car ;}'s sam's attempt at my hair.  there are so many short layers, and then all the dreadlocks and beads didn't leave much for him to work with...  I found it amusing that he even tried XD

Us brave teenagers wandered the streets of the downtown area while we waited for the concert to begin.  We hit some favorites-  Leo’s;  undoubtedly still has many of the same clothes and etc as it did when it opened in the 40’s.  It’s just a little door on a side street with no store front.  You walk up REALLY loud creaky painted yellow sparkly stairs, past sharpie graffiti and hippie wall hangings, into the store (and the home of a couple cats and surviving flower children) known to the world as Leo’s.  There’s stuff everywhere.  Hanging from the ceiling, stuffed in trunks and book shelves, packed onto clothing racks and scattered across tables and a couch and here and there.  It’s really not a huge place, but it’s packed tight.  One time I took a friend up there and she wanted to leave pretty shortly after.. and very possibly puke.  She was worried about getting fleas.  It’s a legitimate concern..  ;)  That place is awesome, they loved it.

being cool at Maude V.

We also went to the store where I sell some of my Crash Landing stuff-  Maude V.  It’s just as cool as Leo’s to be perfectly honest, though not quite as sanitarily questionable.  There’s a random staircase in one of the dressing rooms, it seriously doesn’t go anywhere- just into the wall lined with mirrors.  OH YES.
After examining every nook and corner of the store you have to go to the extremely low ceiling-ed basement and explore all the crazy stuff they have for rent.  Like for use as costumes and such.  I think there’s more in the basement than in the actual store.  I borrowed a pair of combat boots from them for the fashion show last summer. 

 At a yummy hippie-run restaurant.  Sub Shop. yum.



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