Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Switchfoot concert

[ flashback.. part 2 ]

I typed all this nonsense up about a month ago, and never had a chance to post it.. now I do :)


On our way to the concert venue I saw this guy that looked freakishly familiar.  I gave him the weirdest look of the century trying to figure out how the heck I knew him..  By the time I was standing right in front of him I realized why he was so familiar.  Yea, it was Jon Foreman. The lead singer of my dear dear Switchfoot.   ;P  I was like, “Heeeeyyyy..!” and he was sorta on the phone, so he was like- “heyy creepy kid who’s giving me weird looks.  I suppose your brilliant mind is figuring out right about now that I’m Mr Foreman, lead singer of a insanely wonderful band.  Yepp.”   Nahh, he said hi.
I’ll have you know that was not the highlight of the evening, so just prepare yourself for much awesomeness.  (humor me)

"Happiness is like peeing in your pants.. everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth."  -Jon Foreman of Switchfoot

After waiting in line in the alley, we presented our tickets to the ticket dude and proceeded to the hand stamping dude.  “Both hands on the table” He says, with blue chicken stamp at the ready.  To be honest I’m feeling somewhat on the defensive because I’m not used to the feeling of being herded and marked, but I place my hands on the table and with a grin I say nothing and just wait for it.  After a moment, “..Uhmm, yeah, you’ll need to move some of that.  I gotta stamp your hands…” he says.  heheh.  I secretly enjoy it when my bracelets are a bit of a nuisance :}

We were really close to the stage, it was awesome.  Rocket Summer opened, and they were alright.  I found it rather humorous that the lead singer was fixing his hair the whole time :)  He rode the crowd though, and I think Eva helped out with that. 
James-  “all the guys are trying really hard not to touch his butt right now”.  (I laugh and silently notice that many of the girls are trying really hard to touch his butt).

And then of course the real party began when Switchfoot finally came out-  that place was crazy, what a fun concert.  The venue is small enough that we were able to get really close, it was great.  They played a great mix of songs, and after hearing some of it live, the new album is growing on me.  Ok so I love it.  like all the others before it.  AGH!

whoop!  mom took all these pictures from the balcony and a couple from the floor.. she's awesome-

tim foreman, bass.  jerome fontamilas, keys.  chad butler, drums.  drew shirley, lead guitar.  jon foreman, lead vocals etc... now you know. 

After the show we did what every good stalker would- wait outside the bus hoping the band would come out.  And it was worth the awkwardness because a couple of them did come out and talk to everybody and take pictures and all that, and there was a decent size crowd too.

drew shirley, lead guitarist.  me, evajo.

jerome fontamilas, keys.

This guy said he could see me during the whole concert, that my hands were in the air most of the time.  I know this to be a bit of an over-statement (just a bit), but I wasn’t about to argue with the man.  My arms are kinda hard to miss.  And yes I know that sentence was a little bit odd.

We also caught the after-show.  Yep, we’re awesome.  And you’re jealous.  Admit it.
Foreman on the acoustic with no microphones or amps, only a handful of people, in the quiet park with a big random metal statue of random metal animals…. Yeah, you’re jealous.

 that would be my friend James right behind Foreman.

sam, me, jon foreman, eva.. kindly ignore the fact that I look like a creep. 


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Abbynoel24 said...

You're so lucky! My friend just introduced me to Switchfoot and they're so amazing!