Sunday, August 26, 2012

On the subject of friends moving away -

There are different kinds of 'goodbye'.  The kind you repeat everyday and hardly think about because you'll see them tomorrow, or in a couple hours.

The kind that's a bit harder, because you really don't want to go.. even though you know you'll see them again quite soon.  When you sort of wish you could just bring them with you..

The inevitable kind, when you don't see someone very often at all- but you love them so much that when it's time to say goodbye, it really kinda hurts.  But you know it's time to go, and you'll see them again.

..and of course, the kind where someones dead and that's it... but we won't go into that... xD

The kind of goodbye I'm referring to is not the worst kind, but it may be the hardest.  When someone you have been used to spending time with, talking to, laughing and sharing secrets with as part of your normal-everyday-life, moves away.  It's not the same as it is when you're already used to someone you love living far away, because that's just how it is and that's the way it works..
and they're not dead, it's not the end of the world.. you'll see them again before too long -  but you know they're still doing the same things they used to do with you, but somewhere else, where you can't be with them.  In the same way, it's weird adjusting to them not being here doing the things they would have been doing.  And all that weirdness aside, I mostly just miss you..
Phones only get you so far, and it's weird to think you're not active parts of each others every-day life anymore.  And for another thing, phones aren't very good for hugs.
Do they miss you?  Do they think about the things you did together? 
Do they hold on to the same silly memories you do?    

We'll get by.  But I sure miss you here.

sam, eva, me, david.  at the park, their last night in town.. love you guys :)

It's true, you don't realize just how wonderful something is until you know you can't have it anymore.
Telephones and Skype are genius inventions, but nothing replaces the real deal.


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