Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I should be studying for Finals right now.

So I guess its a perfect time for a blog post. yes?

Sunday was a birthday party-ish thing for my pal Ty at Pizza Hut.  Finally got to meet some of his other friends.. MY GOSH they are freaking hilarious.  I would like to believe they are always that obnoxious. 
One of them actually brought his ukelele.  This idiot's name is Alek.. I like this guy, SO FUNNY.  He walked around Pizza Hut serenading the employees.  Alek and Zach sang an impromptu "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", and it was completely wonderful.. I wish I had been able to record it!!  I only managed to capture the very last bit.. sad face.
After being obnoxious in PizzaHut, we went to Walmart and played "the Walmart game".  Basically hide and seek tag.  It was awesome ;)

Waitress:  "Can I get you guys anything else?" 
Alek:  "COCAINE!!"
Waitress:  ".....Anything in the realm of possibility?"

Waiter:  "What do you want to drink?"
Ty:  "We'll take a 2ltr of Root Beer and a 2ltr of Pepsi"
Waiter:  "Gotcha, Root Beer and Mountain Dew."
Ty:  "Um, actually that's Root Beer and Pepsi.."
Waiter:  "Oh yeah, right. Root Beer and Pepsi. Got it.  I'll have it right out."
Waiter:  Brings Root Beer and Mountain Dew.. xD

I've gotta get back to writing pages and pages of homework on the minute details and differences in Gothic cathedral architecture and sculpture.  Stained glass and types of light..turns out there is a difference in types of light.. Different kinds of vaults and arches, structural supports.  "The cult of the Virgin Mary" and the concept of the antichrist.....  o_o  funfun.. I've got 100 bucks with your name on it.. any takers?  wink wink nudge nudge.

nah. it's good for me.. dying, however, is not.  And that's looking like a possibility this week.  I thought I had two weeks until finals.. turns out I was spacing out when that was being discussed, cuz I've only got until Sunday. 
Death from a boatload of homework and last minute term paper.. Oh dear its looking like another no-sleep-week, because...

I reallllllllly wanna go to that concert thursday x)

 So...... without further procrastination (making tea doesn't count), I shall get back to work like a good little nerd. 
...And listen to Showbread's new album, Cancer.  Because it is amazing and I completely love Showbread.  You know what?  if i survive maybe I'll write a whole post about how much I love them xD


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