Monday, December 10, 2012

Me VS the Machine; sewing & swearing.

As you know, I'm a seamstress...thing. 

Translation:   Some days, its me and the machine VS the fabric
That's when I actually feel like I'm working WITH the machine rather than against it, which, as it turns out, can be a rather painful game to play.... 

But most days, its me VS the sewing machine.  A battle of will and wits, and machinery obstinacy.
Yes, even the light bulb turns against me.. I have small burn scars from getting my hands stuck inside tight spots in the machine while trying to fix something.. then my fingers bump against the light and burnnnnn and I can't get them out. ow.

And needles. They break. A lot. And they attack my face. Like little demons.  But that's usually a good sign that the product will turn out really interesting.. And the thread likes to freak every now and then- it magically ties these cute little knots that binds the fabric to the machine and you have to take everything apart.  And sometimes the thread breaks and you don't realize you've been sewing along without thread for three minutes.  That's cool. 

Along with all kinds of other fun stuff..

But really, I love my machines.  I give them loving pet names.  My favorite machine was made in Germany, its all metal.  Its really heavy, like 60lbs.. I call it the boat anchor.
My other favorite is set in a table, it can flip inside and hide.  Its a freakin beast, it runs like a lawnmower.. even sounds like one.  Therefore, the lawnmower.
I don't know how many machines I have.. probably too many.  My favorites are all metal, none of that crappy plastic nonsense.  Old machines are lovely.

 "We are the children of fire, we are the lions. 
We stay when all have deserted, because we were born to fight. 

I was stitching up burlap and leather all day.. that always makes me happy, but the materials are most of the reason why the bloody machines get so temperamental.  Everything went pretty smoothly today though.. except for the smoke coming out of the machine, and the needle stuck in my eye..and my finger got cut off.  Nah. haha.

 ^ all that's left of the burlap sack I dissected..
and I'll probably convince myself to save them for something x)

All this to stitch up nontraditional fabrics with nontraditional methods, to make traditional things.. hum.  worth the pain?  I think yes.  I put blood sweat and tears into all this Crash Landing stuff ;P 
Even if I'm poor for the rest of my life, at least this satisfies the creative streak.. most of the time ;)


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