Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Twitter Post.. because I'm allowed to do that.

SO.  Yes, yes, it has been awhile. As usual.
Instead of actually writing a blog post this time, I decided to copy my Tweets from the last couple months.  I could've written entire blog posts about half of those Tweets..... all simplified into 140 characters.  What is the world coming to? ha.            Anyway- enjoy the nonsense!  And follow me on Twitter ;)  

{ early march through early april... starting with march }


 ahh! James' birthday.
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...wondering who thought it was a good idea to put flour in an old ice cream bucket and leave it on a really high shelf..I look like a ghost

I'm having some issues with the kitchen today. After I took a bath in flour, the cabinet broke, sooo
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Oh bloody hell.. my puppy is wandering around outside with a domestic rabbit between his jaws. Someone is going to get mad at me now.

 oh.....look at that. Here comes the other puppy with a freaking deer head in his mouth. This should prove to be an interesting relationship

......maybe it was a bad idea to name my puppies after Scottish politicians and warlords...


Explosion in le painting "studio" this morning. In an un-related note, I'm wearing turpentine perfume to a wedding today.

I almost died driving home tonight after the wedding cuz I was jamming out to Showbread. RawRock rocks my socks. And it's dangerous.

Mom: "What are you doing??!" Me: "grr..sleeping!" mom: "We're going to Florida in 15minutes!!! Didn't you set an alarm?!" me: *_*

Leaving in 15m? Ok...sleep for 10 more minutes, brush teeth: 2 minutes, put on shoes 30 seconds, power nap: 2 1/2 minutes, get in car.

"Who the Son sets free; is free indeed.." my shackles fall.

Only 3 hours into this 24 hour drive, and I've already resorted to a game of "air hockey" with the 4yr old. Using a penny.

The RV caught on fire. It was cool..and yet, not. "LORD JESUS IT'S A FIRRRRE!"

Red goes to positive. Black goes to negative.

I love the movie Robots. You people have no idea.. It's probably really just cuz Robin Williams is in it. And Obi Wan. And they're robots.

It was only 11pm when I pulled over to stop for the night, but everyone was tired... I'm thinking I should have selected a better spot. ...

The view when I woke up: a giant chicken in a chef hat, and a hotel proudly bearing the name 'Boobie Bungalow. Gentleman's Club" -_-

on a road trip through the middle of nowhere... Note to self: don't take the first exit available for a rest stop.

Nehemiah 5. What a leader looks like. A servant of the people working to achieve the same goal w/out trampling on those under his authority.

I just found my botany and science journal from when I was like, 12. It's so weird, I can remember writing some of this stuff.


Burger King's music selection: Coldplay, OneRepublic, Boys Like Girls, Bruno Mars, All American Rejects, etc.

Last night I drove the beastie through the Appellation the dark. Something to put on the new experiences list. Ha.

ITS NOT LIKE THAT I WAS USING THE WIFI! RT : darth_abbey you're eating fast food? Miracles do occur ;)


But it said 'fresh squeezed' on the label.. ;) hahaaa RT keep tellin' yourself that, babe. And enjoy that fake orange juice..

This is the part of the tour where I tie the children to the roof and laugh.

I woke up to find my baby brother sleeping next to me, all snuggled up and holding my hand... *cue quivering lip*

Naked "green machine" for breakfast.. Not as good as the smoothies I make, but still pretty yum.

The 2yr old is singing the Spider Man theme..Meanwhile, the 4yr old is reading old Spider Man comics.

Just when I thought I couldn't care any less about the state of my appearance, we hit day 3 of the ......*scary music*

I had oreos and peanut butter for breakfast today.

Crappy back-stabbing friends, and the parents who encourage it by example: go home and rethink your life.

<3 RT Everyone in my phone is a flower:
bluebell- Becca.
blossom- Victoria.
dandelion- Anna.
lupine- Katie.

thinks I go running in my combat boots. Haha. That's what the Chuck Taylor hi-tops are for..

My brother cut a hole in a coconut and gave it to me with a straw in it. Yum. And kinda weird.

Friends give me their clothes to "fix" or "mend", and I'm just like.... HAHAHAHAdudedoyouknowme? XD

friend: "can you mend this hole?" me: yeah...but I can't promise that's the only thing I'll do to it....

Caption spelling mistakes aside, I love this..
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When friends say in the same sentence as my name. Cuz apparently there's this stupid face I make... <3

Why hello, painful sunburn...yes, yes I know its been awhile. Welcome back? Oh by the way, next time would you mind bringing a TAN with you?

"wow you have a lot of bracelets. How long does it take to get them off?"

"is your hair natural?" me: -_- yeah, I was born with blue hair.

 hahaha x)
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Please stop verbally murdering each other over stupid things.

Josie(4) accidentally put her swimming suit on over her, magically, she removed them while keeping the suit on  

...Annnnnnnd then Josie ran full-speed into the sliding glass door.  

I would like to take this time to be a baby & whine about how extremely painful this sunburn is. Falling asleep in the sun = bad.  

Repairing the relationship with my brother..Its hard in ways I cant even explain. But I know it will be WORTH every second.  

Oh man. I just went over 2k.  

Yeahhhhhh.. I'm gonna blame the 2,000th tweet on <3

Discussion about the Ottoman Empire and patterns of the human race.. during breakfast. Gonna be a good day.

My reading list for vacation.. Some of my favorites

Zach: "haha. Hey Abbey, your sunburned butt is sitting on a COOLER full of ICE!! Bwahahahaa!" me: -_- "how ironic, Snow White."

@ The_Entire_Internet : I'm sorry to disappoint you, but no, I was not streaking.. XD

Mom: "Josie I don't want you to sing that song anymore!" (Whiskey Nancy, Gaelic Storm) Jo: "why?" Mom: "CUZ IT'S A DRINKING SONG"  

You know who you are.. ;)   

YOUR vs. YOU'RE....
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The places my dreads and bracelets get caught... Rather embarrassing at times..

When my little brother (2) doesn't get his way, he points at you, bunches up his face & says "GRR IMMA SEND YOU TO TIMBUKTU!!"

It would be nice if people would stop yelling at me every time they smell: Turpentine, fire, dangerous chemicals, or all of the above

Just realized I haven't eaten today. That would explain the scary roaring monster in my belly that's apparently trying to get my attention.

I miss so much, it hurts. <3  

And life isn't quite the same without . <3  

My brother is practicing lines for a play he has the lead in.. His German accent is so good I can't understand a word he's saying.

Josie (4): I'm gonna fart soon. Ladies and gentleman, a direct quote.

I liked to eat gummy bears on pizza when I was a kid.

RT "___isnt a Christian cuz they___." Well, casting the 1st stone, aren't we. You know what they say about ppl in glass houses..

It seems that I'm incapable of purchasing or wearing clothing that is any color other than dull shades of gray,green,&black.  

and this is why I am afraid..because I love the rain, I love the sun, I love the wind.
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The crazy thing is that God gives us what we ask for. If we desire sin, he gives us up to it. If we desire Him, He fills us with the Spirit.

 "..the vastness is bearable only through love."
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"..and everything that kills me makes me feel alive..lately I been losing sleep dreamin about the things that we could be.." Counting Stars

I'm convinced that LATE is the best time to go to Walmart. So much more fun to run through the aisles like an idiot buying tea & underwear.

...when dad told my great-gma that they were having another baby (ben), she said: "you know what causes that, right..?"
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I want to go to so bad.. and a zillion others :(

Its a handful of people in my life that make me feel alive. The ones that challenge me, make me think, &encourage me in the hardest things.. 
..the people that prove me wrong, and the people that guide me- those are the people I'll always want to be with.

"I knew a man once who said, 'Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back.'" -Russell Crowe 'Gladiator'