Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Graduation and Tomatoes.

It's a wonderful feeling when the woman who taught you everything she knows is genuinely proud of you.
I was at her house today, planting tomatoes in her garden. It's been awhile since we had a good chat..

I have not done any "official" typical high school work for about a year, but just now decided it was time to be done with my formal high school education, though I will never stop learning and pursuing knowledge. My graduation party is in a couple weeks. I'm not a party person, so me and my best friend James are sharing a grad party..it will be more fun that way :)


Dottie Gorrell has taught me more than almost anyone I know. She has taught me how to sew anything, how to prepare and make quilts, how to make patterns, how to alter garments and patterns, how to improvise and improve, shortcuts and the old fashioned ways. But she has been more than a teacher to me, she has also been an valued friend and grandmother figure. She has talked and listened to me for hours over the years, encouraging, scolding, advising, sharing, and laughing with me. There are so many little things about nature, work, faith, and the important things in life that she has passed on to me, probably without even realizing it. Friends are the family we chose.

So when my teacher and friend gives me a loving hug, looks me in the eyes and says "I'm proud of you Abbey. I really am.", imagine how that makes me feel. To be seeking the approval and joy of someone you love and respect, and then to receive it is an amazing feeling.